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Restored Buffed Monster System: Tracker (with restored and new monster icons), Minimap Options and the actual Weather Abilities.

Permissions and credits
This mod does restore the monster buffs and displays CDPR's logic, when which monster is buffed!

Feature Description:
  • Restored already defined, but not finished, buffed monster indicator at the minimap
  • Restored option to turn 24 hr clock format, weather indicator and buffed monster indicator on/off (in hud options)
  • Restored icons for Noonwraith, Nightwraith, Wraith, Werewolf, Alghoul, Ice Giant
  • New icons for Drowner, Rotfiend, Grave Hag, Water Hag, Hound of the Wild Hunt, Ice Troll from concept arts (where most of the original restored icons are from). Those monsters were choosen, as they got pre-definied by CDPR, but no special icons where created for them
  • Supports every officially supported game language
  • Restores the full moon state to the hud. This was always in the game, but never could be displayed correctly
  • Main version and 60 fps version are now based on OCPD UI & HUD, so you will get higher quality weather icons and corrected positining. (Other patches are not updated with this, but will still work with this version)
  • Now actually applies weather buffs correctly, it is not just a visual extra anymore, while still staying true to CDPR's decisions about the buff distribution

Possible Plans and Ideas for the future:
  • Distribute weather abilities to all enemies, where logical   
  • Rotating monster icons / images for the hud (e.g. currently only Alghoul displayed for all Ghouls, only Werewolf displayed for all Cursed creatures etc.)  
  • Add new monsters to the hud 
  • Add the specific ability buff to the hud, to indicate which stat of the monster get buffed. It would look like this: "+20% Damage / Leshen"
Some examples of buffs related to weather / moon / time:
  • Vampires get -40 essence regeneration at noon 
  • Wraiths get a 25 % attack power bonus at midnight
  • Noonwraiths get a -30 % essence reduction at midnight
  • Werewolves get a 30 % attack power and +50 essence regen bonus at full moon
  • Ice Giants / Trolls get a +25 % attack power bonus at most snow related weathers
  • Drowners/Hags/Rotfiends often get a +15 % attack power bonus at rain
  • and much more, all already implemented by cdpr, but were not working correctly...

Credit and huge thanks to glassfish777 for joining this project and actually reviving it with his motivation. He figured out that the weather buffs are still in the game and made sure they can work! While doing this he also identified the "full moon" issue, which I could luckily apply to the hud logic as well!


  • Unzip and drag & drop everything into your Witcher 3 main directory
  • Use Script Merger
  • Go to the "Hud" setting option in-game and set on weather and buffed tracker first
  • DO NOT INSTALL with Witcher 3 Mod Manager, only manually.

Thumbnail Credits: kaathika_ (Original Artwork: CDPR)