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Gone are the days of wading through the swamps of Velen ankle deep in Drowner brains on the way back to something you missed.

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Progress on the Path is a fully automatic progress tracker that comes with built in tracking for a lot of the games content.

Full installation instructions can be found in the archive but briefly: Completely remove any old versions of this mod. Download and extract the archive. Copy and paste the folders 'Mods' and 'bin' into your Witcher 3 directory, open the installation instructions file and copy the text lines to the relevant files.

I will not be held responsible if you do not follow the installation instructions, It's not hard and if done correctly will avoid any potential installation issues. 

Run Script Merger after installation and launch the game to make sure everything worked. Please configure the mods settings using the Mod Menu 'Progress on the Path' AFTER loading in the game as the menu is dynamic and scripted to show tracking pages once loaded.

Available Tracking:

In the 'Quests & Events' page you will find tracking pages for:
  • All Main Story Quests (Separated by Acts)
  • All Side Quests (Separated by Region)
  • All Treasure Hunts (Separated by Region)
  • All Scavenger Hunts (Separated by Witcher School)
  • All Monster Hunt Contracts (Separated by Region)
  • All Random Events & NPC Interactions (Separated by Region)
  • All Missable Side Quests (These quests will be marked with a (*))

In the 'Items & Trophies' page you will find tracking pages for:
  • All Gwent / Gwent Redux Cards (Separated by deck)
  • All Collectable Monster Trophies
  • All Relic Tier Silver and Steel Swords

In the 'World Map' page you will find tracking pages for:
  • Monster Dens (Separated by Region)
  • Monster Nests (Separated by Region)
  • Places of Power (Separated by Region)
  • Signposts (Separated by Region)

Quest Tracking:

Each quest has an option to display it's current status as "Not Completed", "Completed" or "Ignored". The mod will never automatically set a quest to "Ignored", I have included that so you as the user can manually set it for quests you have no interest in or missed due to in-game decisions etc.

Be aware that if you are installing this mod mid-game then all interactions in the 'Random Events' page will not update automatically if you have already completed them. This is because I have had to edit several phases in the game to allow this mod to track their completion and any interactions / random events completed prior to installing this mod will not have the necessary edits to allow for tracking.

Items & Trophies Tracking:

Items & Trophies tracking does exactly what the name suggests, it reads the players inventory and updates the mod menu to show which items or trophies have been collected. Gwent Card tracking also includes a 'Missable' section with information on cards that can be completely missed.

World Map Tracking:

This one is quite simple, once you have completed a poi on the map, for example destroying a Monster Nest, Discovering a Signpost, Meditating at a Place of Power etc. The mod will automatically set it to completed in the mod menu on it's next update.


You can manually update the tracker by going through each quest and updating it's status in the mod menu or you can use one of the following methods:
  • Update While Meditating (20 second cooldown)
  • Update via Hotkey (default F7) 
  • Update via Hotkey with a Full Reset (default F8)
  • Update every x seconds automatically (Min = 120s - Max = 3600s Configurable in the Mod Menu)

Script Merger is required after installation as the mod makes edits to the following vanilla scripts: 


If there are any overhauls or anything out there that make large edits to those 3 scripts, please let me know so I can test and if necessary make a compatible version. Progress on the Path is fully compatible with the following mods and does not require a patch:

Big thanks to PaulR0013 for his great work teaching me the correct way to edit phase files and managing to make a stubborn quest update automatically!