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This is an adapted version of Witcher 2's quest "Little Sisters" for Witcher 3.

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This is an adapted version of Witcher 2 quest "Little Sisters" for Witcher 3.

Mod is done using radish modding tools.
Join radish modding tools Discord server here.


It would be a good thing if you had completed "Contract: Phantom of the Trade Route" and cleared Wyvern nests before taking this quest to avoid bugs that might occur but it's not necessary.

This mod was created on vanilla game without any mods (except those required by tools). However, it dynamically upscales/downscales enemy levels based on player's level so I strongly suggest to remove all non cosmetic mods that changes gameplay or it's mechanics.


This mod uses extracted Witcher 2 English (ONLY) voicelines for the most part. They are not present in Witcher 3 game so I advise to set English language for both audio and subtitles. People willing to translate see below.

Quest starts in between House of Respite and Nilfgaardian Camp in Velen:


Extract Mods and DLC folders to your main Witcher 3 game folder.

IMPORTANT: Any NEW SAVES created after this mod was installed WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOAD if you uninstall this mod. So make a NEW SAVE for this mod BEFORE installing it if you're planning to UNINSTALL IT later.


Remove dlcThreeSisters folder from "The Witcher 3/DLC" folder 
Remove modThreeSisters folder from "The Witcher 3/Mods" folder

BEWARE: As I mentioned above any NEW SAVES created after this mod was installed WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOAD if you uninstall this mod. This includes all save types (autosaves, manual saves, quicksaves and etc).


Please contact me if you want to translate this mod. I would appreciate if you would not post translations as separate mods. You will be credited for translation.


I want to thank rmemrerxv and nikich340 for all around help making this mod.
Huge thanks to nikich340 and KARIMSabbaghi for testing.