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Three new quests, one for each of the DLC armors, the Nilfgaardian, Temerian and Undvik sets. As well as other changes and improvements to the DLC items.

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About the mod...

I've created a quest for each of the DLC sets. The quests will lead you to diagrams to craft the set. These quests are modeled after the quests to find the base version of witcher gear, not the upgrades, so they're a bit more in-depth than my last quest mod. I've written a bunch of new notes that drive the quests and tell a small story. You can start the quests by finding one of the associated diagrams, one can also be started by reading a certain note.

I have also...
  • Improved the stats of the Temerian, Nilfgaardian, and Undvik gear to be around that of mastercrafted witcher gear.
  • Improved the stats of the horse gear that came in each DLC.
  • Moved the horse gear to more sensible places.
  • Improved the crossbows that came in the Crossbow DLC.
  • Integrated the Skellige and Nilfgaardian crossbows into the DLC sets and put the Elven crossbow schematic into an elven ruin.
  • Armor and crossbows all have crafting schematics.
  • Some recipes use ingredients from my mod Better Gold, which is required.

Please be aware...
mod_dlcarmorquests needs to have higher priority than any other mod that edits files in dlc1, dlc5, dlc13 or dlc14 (including Ghost Mode). Do not merge the edited xmls.

I do not recommend uninstalling this mod mid playthrough.

Some updates, including the most recent one, cannot be installed on saves where a previous version of the mod is already installed and require a save where the mod is not already installed.


You will likely stumble across the quests while playing through the game. However, here are the locations of the items used to start them:

Temerian armor quest


Nilfgaardian armor quest (Nilfgaardian crossbow included)

Undvik armor quest (Skellige crossbow included)

Other Items
Again, you will likely stumble across the items while playing, but here are the locations where you can find them:

Temerian horse gear

Nilfgaardian horse gear

Undvik horse gear *Note: Added to a vanilla container. If you have already looted this container it will not respawn.*

Elven crossbow diagram *Note: Added to a vanilla container. If you have already looted this container it will not respawn.*