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A sophisticated and easy to use alchemy helper with 3D markers and map pins for known herbs.

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Botanist provides a new, easy to use and fun way to collect and store herbs for your alchemy recipes in The Witcher 3.
The mod currently only supports the V4+ (NG) version of the game and will not work on the "Legacy" versions such as 1.32

New Herb Discovery

Botanist herb discovery is a very simple process, all you need to do is walk close enough to a herb for the interaction prompt 'Gather Ingredients' to show up. At this point Botanist will spring into action and store all the relevant information it needs about the herb such as its type, name, position, location etc.

Botanist will always store and remember information for any herbs you discover, then display map pins / 3D markers for them as and when you need them.

In the Mod Menu there are 2 main settings which control what happens after you have discovered new herbs.

  • The first setting named 'Herb Targeting' controls which herbs Botanist will show you on the map and which herbs get assigned a 3D marker on the screen. Botanist will automatically ignore all discovered herbs that are not of that type.
  • The second setting named 'Herb Quantities' uses a calculation to tell Botanist how many herbs you want in your inventory plus how many herbs are already displayed on screen of a given type before the mod stops evaluating them.

What all that means for example is If you set 'Herb Targeting' to only display 'Celandine' plants and you set 'Herb Quantities' to 34, Botanist will continue to evaluate and display map pins / 3D markers for Celandine until the calculation reaches 34, it will then stop processing Celandine but will still store information for new plants you discover for future use.

World Map Integration

Botanist comes with 3 Brand new map pins, each representing a different type of herb on the map. As well as the new map pins, Botanist also provides a new 'World Map Filter' exclusively for the 3 new pins.

  • The gold herb map pin shown below represents a normal and harvestable herb that you should collect.
  • The blue herb map pin shown below represents a normal and harvestable herb that is part of one of Botanist's 'Harvesting Grounds'.
  • The blue plant map pin shown below represents a Botanist 'Harvesting Ground', a collection of plants of the same type within a close radius to each other.

3D Markers

As well as the new map pins detailed above, Botanist can also display shiny new 3D markers on screen for your discovered herbs using the same colour formats as the World Map.

  • Normal harvestable plants will show in gold text.
  • Harvestable herbs included in Harvesting Grounds will show in the same colour blue as their map pins.

3D markers can be customised to your liking in the Mod Menu, you can change things such as the text size, visibility range as well as control how and when they appear on screen.


Botanist comes with a few handy tutorials that explain key events as they happen. You can enable / disable them in the Mod Menu and also replay any that you may have missed by toggling them back on in the menu. Currently there are 3 tutorials which show up when you:

  • First install the mod.
  • Discover your first herb.
  • Create your first Harvesting Ground.

If there are certain elements of the mod that you feel require better explaining please reach out to me and I'll consider adding further information where appropriate.


Botanist is very easy to install. It comes shipped with a selection of 'Shared Utilities' which are used for a range of different mods such as 

You will require Script MergerMenu Filelist Updater and Community Patch - World Map to fully install Botanist.

Please make sure to fully install all prerequisites carefully then install Botanist afterwards.

Full installation instructions can be found in the archive and here - Installation Instructions


Due to how this mod works, it is necessary to store persistent data across save files so you don't loose any data regarding known herbs. As a result of this, uninstalling the mod mid-playthrough is not possible as you may crash when attempting to load back in after removing the mod. If you decide you do not want to use the mod anymore, simply turn off all the features in the mod menu and remove it before you start your next playthrough.


For most mods, simply running Script Merger is enough to resolve all script based conflicts.

Alchemy /Primer ✔ - Compatible with the provided patch

I will update this if conflicts with other mods are found

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