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This DLC adds a brand new, lore-friendly set of gear based on the novel Sezon Burz by Andrzej Sapkowski.

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Thankyou for your interest in my new DLC! Compatible with v1.32!
This DLC is fully compatible with every mod as no vanilla files are affected! This mod also contains no script editing!
(modsezonburz is simply there for the mod to function, feel free to merge with whatever).


Download the Main File of this mod in the FILES section.
Extract the file wherever you want.
Put sezonburz in the DLC folder.
Put modsezonburz in the Mods folder.
Please Endorse if you like the mod!

Update 1.1.0

- Changed Quality to Witcher's Gear
- Made the Shoulders Shorter
- Added New Saddle
- Added Alternate Gloves
- Minor Bugfixes

This DLC adds a brand new, lore-friendly set of gear based on the novel Sezon Burz by Andrzej Sapkowski.
The armor/swords are GrandMaster level and use the vanilla Feline set bonus and item stats.
The horse gear has a marginal increase on B&W stats.
It is fully compatible with NG+ and any overhaul mod such as GhostMode/W3EE will take priority over my mod.

All items are available for purchase from the Gryphon Merchant (Bram - White Orchard).
He will sell the NG+ Versions when you reach lvl 50.

+New Sezon Burz Fingerless Gloves
+New Sezon Burz Armored Saddle

+New Sezon Burz Leather Jacket
+New Sezon Burz Leather Trousers
+New Sezon Burz Leather Gloves
+New Sezon Burz Leather Boots
+New Sezon Burz Silver Sword
+New Sezon Burz Steel Sword
+New Sezon Burz Crossbow (lvl 1 Crossbow)
+New Howling Vengeance (lvl 1 Crossbow)
+New Howling Vengeance (lvl 30 Crossbow)
+New Witcher's Saddle
+New Witcher's Saddlebags
+New Witcher's Expedition Bags
+New Witcher's Hidden Blinders
+New Witcher's Armored Blinders

I appreciate any and all comments or feedback regarding this mod. 
If you have an idea for a new set of armor you would love to see in the game, let me know, I might just make it.

Some gorgeous 4k screenshots from 1.0.0 provided by Cheszlaw ('right click - open image in new tab' for full size image):