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A set of tweaks and changes for the great W3EE (5.02). Includes a new toxicity system, updated skills and alchemy items, reworked witcher gear, and many small balance changes.

Permissions and credits

Alchemy - Toxicity System
- Toxicity System reworked. Similar in concept to the great Lazarus system, but attempts to keep the simplicity of the W3EE system.
- Potions do not add toxicity immediately, but over their duration. 
- Toxicity Fever is not random, but occurs when you hit maximum Toxicity. It does not end until you fall below 90% of maximum Toxicity.
- Toxicity gained while already at maximum Toxicity deals heavy poison damage, reduced by skills and poison resistance.

Alchemy - Other
- Added superior potion effects to the remaining potions that lacked them
- Black Blood: Damage returned also lowers morale
- Cat: Immune to stagger while dodging
- Full Moon: At night, received damage cannot be more than 1/6 max vitality. During a full moon, 1/8 max vitality.
- Golden Oriole: When imbibed, heals Vitality percent equal to Toxicity percent
- Swallow: Duration doesn't decrease while Vitality is full
- Tiara: Immune to stagger while parrying
- White Honey: Delays the removal of Potion Effects by 10 seconds
- White Raffard: When imbibed, heals 30% of missing Vitality
- Rescaled potion, oil, and bomb effects and added several new ones
- Mutagens
- Rearranged and replaced many Mutagen bonuses
- Full list here: link 
- Lesser colored mutagens can be made with standard ingredients
- Regular colored mutagens have double the yield

Witcher Gear
- Reworked stats and set bonuses of all Witcher Gear, trying to give each a concise identity.

- Cat focuses on evasion, flanks, and injuries. 
Set Bonus: For each set piece equipped, attacks have +5% flanking attack power and injury chance for 2 seconds after a dodge, and dodges have +5% stamina efficiency and graze damage reduction for 2 seconds after an attack.
Grandmaster: Injuries you inflict reduce enemy speed and damage by 5%.

- Griffin focuses on signs, vigor, and resistances.
Set Bonus: For each set piece equipped, 0.5% of the Ethereal damage you deal permanently lowers enemy force, frost, fire, shock, and mental resistances. Can break damage immunities, but not status.
Grandmaster: While inside a Yrden circle you have +10% increased time slow, +20% Vigor regeneration, and +20% Intensity for other Signs.

- Bear focuses on armor, parries, and poise.
Set Bonus: For each set piece equipped, enemy poise regeneration is delayed by 1 second and strong attacks on poise-broken enemies deal 10% more damage.
Grandmaster: Parries stack up to 10 times, each increasing armor by 50 and critical hit damage by 5%. Rends consume 10 stacks to knockdown,
guarantee a critical hit, and permanently reduce enemy armor piercing by 10%.

- Wolf focuses on stamina, adrenaline, and bleeding.
Set Bonus: For each set piece equipped, applying bleeding generates 1 Adrenaline and Adrenaline degeneration is delayed by 0.05 seconds per bleeding stack on nearby enemies.
Grandmaster: While above 80% Adrenaline, 50% of attack stamina costs are paid with Adrenaline. Each point of Adrenaline spent this way heals you for 10 Vitality.

- Viper focuses on oils, poison, and criticals.
Set Bonus: For each set piece equipped, poisoning enemies paralyzes them for 1 second and poison damage over time drains their current stamina by 2%.
Grandmaster: You can apply an additional oil, and any potency loss from additional oils is reduced by 50%.

- Manticore focuses on toxicity, ranged damage, and critical effects. A crossbow has been added to the set. The schematic is found alongside the gloves.
Set Bonus: For each set piece equipped, +5% ranged damage (including bombs) and +5% attack power per status effect on the target.
Grandmaster: Effects that scale with Toxicity percent scale with flat Toxicity instead. +0.25% attack power and +0.25 Vitality regeneration per point of active Toxicity.

- Full gear stats can be found here: link 

Relic Swords
- Rebalanced and generally stronger, ideally you'll never find an artifact and think "why would I ever use this, let alone craft it?"
- Many abilities rearranged for more thematic flavor. "Greatest Fire" in elder speech and a sword named after the dragon of Zerrikania should probably be your fire swords.
- Aerondight is once again a silver sword.
- Full list of changed relics can be found here: link

- Replaced 'Rotation', 'Propagation', and 'Hallucination' Glyphwords.
- Immolation: Release a wave of flame when taking 15% maximum Vitality in damage, being poise-broken, or when perfect parrying at full poise.
- Possession: Puppet has infinite duration, your attacks will not harm your Puppets, and if the effect is removed they take massive damage.
- Conjunction: Enemies linked by Axii also share a portion of the damage they receive.
- Rearranged Runewright requirements of many Glyphwords.
- Tier 1: Deflection, acceleration, Absorption, Invigoration
- Tier 2: Retribution, Conjunction, Eruption, Disintegration, Electrocution
- Tier 3: Elation, Protection, Immolation, Negation, Possession

- Reworked many skills and perks, focused mainly on the Alchemy and General trees.
- Full skill list can be found here: link 
- Alternate Signs are available without skill investment.
- Reworked Aard knockdown chance. Heavily influenced by the target's current Poise %.
- Quen shield reduces damage before armor, evening the effective HP it adds across different armor types. 
- Reworked interaction between Active and Exploding Shield. More useful, with less cheese.
- Axii now has many effects of the old 'Delusion' skill by default, and a new skill 'Lethargy'.
- Puppet scales and performs better, with some new effects.
- Arrows can be redirected without skill investment.
- Alchemy path progress is increased by the quality of item being created.
- Finding mutagens grants Mutation EXP, and contracting Toxicity Fever grants Trials EXP.
- Mutagen slots are unlocked at 1/5/10/15 Mutation skill points rather than 15/30/60/90 total skill points.

Tweaks - Gameplay
- Base Vitality increased from 6000 to 10000. With default W3EE presets, there's no real change other than flat vs % vitality modifiers.
- Removed Vitality % received damage scaling for both the player and enemies. Net nerf to the player.
- Lowered base Stamina Regen from 12.5 to 10
- Stamina Regen now pauses during actions, separate from regen delays.
- Stamina Regen delays now scale with your Stamina %. They are significantly lower at high stamina.
- Increased base Critical Hit Damage Bonus from +20% to +50%
- Critical Hits increase oil effects by 50%
- Reworked bleed and poison. Bleed is more damage focused, poison more debuff focused.
- They stack to 10, and any stacks applied over the cap deal their full potential damage immediately.
- Altered the burnout mechanic. Each burn reduces further burn chance by 10% to a minimum of 50%. Previous values were 33% to a minimum of 0%.
- Attacking a target affected by Axii makes them 25% more resistant to further Axii attempts. Resets after a failed cast.
- Restored most advertised effects of Adrenaline. Improves Stamina Regen (up to 20%), Stamina Efficiency (up to 20%), Vigor Regen (up to 20%), Damage (up to 20%), and Speed Offset (up to 30% at low health)
- Adrenaline generation is increased when fighting multiple enemies.
- Removed light, medium, heavy matched armor set bonuses. Most effects were redistributed.
- Adjusted the Armor vs Armor Pierce formula to be more intuitive. Net result should be that light armor takes slightly more damage vs high-AP enemies, and heavy armor takes slightly more damage vs low-AP enemies.
- Removed Dodge Exhaustion, but significantly increased Dodge regen delay.
- Overexertion (emptying your stamina bar) is less punishing. No actions are blocked, but your speed is reduced and you take additional poise damage.
- Made several other changes to the Safe Dodge Angle and Graze calculation to make dodging more attractive.
- Improved slash counter behavior (thanks to Aeltoth)
- Fast attack poise-breaks inflict 5 bleed stacks and an injury instead of 12 bleed stacks.
- Increased strong attack and Sign damage bonus vs poise-broken enemies.
- Poise-broken enemies drop their shields.
- Enemy resistances can now be negative for purposes of direct damage calculations (they already could for DoT and status)
- Increased Inner Strength Sign cost from 25 to 35 stamina
- The Viper swords found in White Orchard now have similar attributes to the HoS Viper swords
- Reworked the Tesham Mutna and Hen Gaidth sets with unique set bonuses and attributes.
- Made the 3 DLC Armor sets (Temerian, Nilfgaardian, Undvik) more attractive
- Reduced Chilling Bolt chill chance from 100% to 40%
- Glyphwords and Runewords confer the bonuses of their ingredient parts

Tweaks - Quality of Life
- Partially re-implemented chest stashes. Weapons and armor placed in these chests will not encumber Roach, and are hidden unless interacting with another chest stash.
- Meditating doubles Vitality regeneration.
- Buffed food and drink to offset higher Vitality, and make Tier 3 food items more desirable.
- Rescaled the Well-Rested buff: takes 6 hours, lasts 18 hours.
- Bandages are made in bundles of 5, and don't come with a free bottle.
- Swimming with Quen cancels the shield but is no longer fatal.
- Added several quality of life settings in the W3EE Inventory Options: 'Show Internal Item Names', 'Drop Quest Items', and 'Delete Items on Drop'
- Added a mod option in the 'Finishers' section to disable finisher interaction with poise-broken enemies
- Added a mod option in the 'Exploration' section to return Witcher Sense to a hold rather than a toggle
- Added a mod option in the 'Visuals' section to disable some special sword fx
- Added two 'Stamina & Speed' options: 'Stamina Costs - Global' & 'Stamina Regen - Global'
- Added Redux presets to several W3EE Options Menus: Stamina & Speed, Large Monsters, Small Monsters, Alchemy, Toxicity, Health Modifiers, Damage Modifiers.
- Significantly updated the Detailed Character Stats screen.

Enemies & AI
- New 'Aggression - Behavior' mod option that adjusts the AI's delay between choosing combat actions.
- Humanoids: Archers are less accurate over long distances.
- Leshen: removed burn critical immunity and reduced melee attack hitboxes.
- Golem: charge attack has reduced target tracking, increased speed, and knocks back.
- Troll: charge attack has reduced target tracking.
- Cyclops: charge attack has reduced target tracking and knocks back throughout the attack.
- Wraith: combo attack reworked. Lantern hits (1st and 3rd) are unparriable and stagger but do little damage. Sword hit (2nd) does increased damage but is parriable.
- Noonwraiths et al.: When corporeal, passively slow and drain the life of targets near them. Blocked by Quen, Moondust, Silverburn, Negation Glyphword.
- Ghouls: increased target tracking.
- Necrophages: smoothed poison resistance. All are highly resistant
- Arachnomorph: web attack prevents parrying
- Arachas: Poison spray damage reduced, web attack duration increased
- Werewolves: Immune to knockdown, sped up some animations, and reduced delay between actions
- Katakans: Sped up some animations
- Wyverns: no longer immune to Chilled and Frozen effects
- Wights, Hags, Foglets: Increased poise and resists.
- Monster variants 'Drowned Dead', 'Mucknixer', 'Erynia', 'Ekhidna', have increased stats.
- All: adjusted status effect proc chance individually. Previously all monsters that could apply status did so at the same rate.
- Added further bleed chance to the following monsters: Ekimmara, Katakan, Werewolf, Harpy, Forktail, Wyvern, Griffin, Slyzard, Alp, Bruxa
- Added poison chance to the following monsters: Ghoul, Alghoul, Drowner, Drowned Dead, Rotfiend, Scurver, Endrega Worker, Arachnomorph, Toad Prince (Tongue), Slyzard (Tail), Archespore (Melee), Centipede (Melee)

Requires W3EE 5.02. Should be compatible with most mods W3EE is compatible with, unless they explicitly modify W3EE (like Lazarus). I'm currently using Gwent Redux and Random Encounters Reworked, and there are no issues merging with this mod.

Extract to your main Witcher 3 directory. You should see 1 file ask to be overwritten (say yes).

Option 1) If you have any script mergers involving W3EE, you'll want to run Script Merger again. When using Script Merger, do not attempt to merge this mod with W3EE. It's intended to overwrite it. Script Merger allows you to select individual mods to include in the merge. Leave out W3EE.

Option 2) Cut the modReduxW3EE/content/scripts folder and paste it into modW3EE/content, overwriting the conflicts. This makes it easier to use Script Merger, as there won't be any conflicts between Redux and W3EE. However, you'll need to repeat this step when updating Redux, and you'll need to reinstall W3EE if you uninstall Redux.

When you start up the game, you'll want to update W3EE's mod options. The 'Health Modifiers' should be set to the W3EE preset again. There are also 'Redux' presets for the following options menus: Stamina & Speed (highly recommended), Large Monsters (optional), Small Monsters (optional), Alchemy (optional), Toxicity (recommended), Health Modifiers (optional), Damage Modifiers (optional). But don't forget that one of W3EE's greatest features is its customizability, so continue adjusting these sliders to your personal preferences.

A new game is recommended after installing this mod, but if you want to keep going with your current save, I advise the following:
1. Back up your save
2. Unequip all gear
3. Drink a Potion of Clearance
4. Save your game
5. Install this mod
6. Drink another Potion of Clearance
7. Redistribute skills, proceed, and hopefully enjoy

This mod is currently only available in English and Russian (big thanks to kyryllbereza and Sly). When using other languages, all edited strings will appear in English. I've included the raw .csv files in the mod. If you'd like to translate the mod into your language, I will gladly include it in the mod officially.

Reaperrz, Corvah, The Dedicated W3EE Modding Team™, Charon, falki
Aeltoth for improved slash counter behavior from his Combat Skills mod