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A tool for managing both your paks and coooked folder, detecting conflicts, finding lost assets and generally just being awesome

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Heilos' SoD2 Mod Manager

Custom Content Integration
Dynamically builds the asset lists for mods that include the optional metadata.json file so that they don't override each other. Mods that add new facilities, outfits, vehicles or custom scripts can all be loaded together.

Facilities, outfits, Vehicles and scripts all work while hosting multiplayer sessions but will likely not be usable in other players games.

Mods that add new items or weapons will disable your ability to play in multiplayer due to crashing issues. You are advised to set up a seperate, single player only community to use these in.

General Features:
Import new mods via "Add Mod" button or by dropping Pak/Zip files directly onto the UI
Zips with multiple paks allow selection of multiple paks for import
Paks with info.txt or metadata.json files will display their information in the UI, even when importing from zips
Change load order with a textbox on the list or by using drag and drop in the UI
Detects conflicts in all paks inside the pak folder
Double clicking a mod opens up a window listing all files inside, as well as detailing any conflicts
Supports both Cooked and Pak mods
Simple, compact dark UI

Developer Mode for unpacking and packing mods and the cooked folder
Button to unpack files from a pak mod (Currently Disabled pending code rewrite)
Visual display of Cooked folder
Ability to select and pak specific files from the cooked folder, along with automatic creation of metadata.json file (Currently Disabled pending code rewrite)
Filter to find specific files and folders in the cooked file list

Version 2 is also compatible with info.txt from version 1, so no data is lost from older mods.

For users wishing to create mods:
You can find the asset editor that most of us use for modding as well as the JSON file that is used to display information in the manager on my github

You can get further support and help on the SoD2 Modding discord;

**Support tool development**
While not required, any and all support towards me and my work are greatly appreciated :heart:
Positive messages of appreciation are also great :)