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Neru and ZOD C 137 and Lucifer

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Adds 76 new head accessories to a mod window. Works great with The Enclave Editor Mod.

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The Head Accessories Mod.

Adds 76 new head accessories to a mod window. Works great with the Zed's Head Accessories Mod
and The Enclave Editor Mod.

Press SHIFR+6 to open the mod menu, select a head accessory then click on Toggle Hat.

~Game Default Meshes~
-Garden gnome
-Cone short
-Cone large
-Exercise ball
-Dear skull

--Zod's Hats--
-Tinfoil hat
-Zod hat
-Black hat
-White hat
-Neru hat


--Star Wars--
-Clone Trooper
-Rebel Helmet
-Rebel Helmet_V_2

~Random Games~
-Master Chief
-Fallen Angel
-Magneto helmet
-Ichigo Mask
-Hunks gas mask
-MegaMan Helmet 
-ServBot Helmet 

-Wesker glasses
-Horned glasses
-Goggles down

-Normal scouter
-Metal scouter
-Recomme Wig

~Fallout 4~
-Hellfire Helmet
-Blue Hellfire Helmet
-Raider Helmet
-X1 flame Helmet
-X1 Pink Helmet
-X1 Jaws Helmet
-T45 white Helmet
-T45 Minutemen Helmet
-T51 Helmet
-T60 Helmet
-T60 Metal Helmet 
-Visor Cap

ZOD Donation

Check out my other Mods. [Zod's Mods]

If you have the enclave editor mod installed click on Enclave Hats to open the enclave head accessories menu.

If you dont have the enclave editor installed the Enclave Hats button will take you to the Enclave Editor Mod page on Nexus.

Use the Rotation, Location, and Scale boxes to custom fit the head accessories to each survivor.

This is a integrated mod, download and use the integration feature with Heilos's Mod Manager.
Any version after 2.2.16 will work with this mod. If you have a mod manager from before then update.

Extract the ZIP and Place the pak file in the following directory

Epic and Steam Users:

Windows Users

IF YOU OWN THE MS STORE VERSION, YOU MIGHT STILL HAVE TO USE THE EPIC/STEAM LOCATION! The Steam/Epic location is a kind-of "universal" path that the MS version will occasionally use. Make sure to also check there, if you cannot find/don't have the MS path listed above.

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