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Mod that adds several buffs for community and characters.
Pick and choose what buffs you want

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Mod that adds several buffs for community and characters.
Install the Master mod "500-NerusBuffMeUpMasterF_P.pak" then install what buffs you want from the Character and Community Buffs folders

Buff Sets Effect [CH]
Set 1: Character Recovery - Increases the rate the character recovers from fatigue, sickness, trauma and injuries
Set 2: Infinite Weapon Durability
Set 3: Reduction/Immunity - Character has increased/full resistance to fatigue, sickness, blood plague, injury, and trauma
Set 4: Stamina Action Cost - Should nullify the Stamina Cost of Sprinting, Climbing, Grappling, Execution and Melee Swings
Set 5: Super Scent Block
Set 6: Safe Search - Increased Search Speed, Fast Searching will not crash
Set 7: Zedeye
Set 8: Reverse Damage - Damage taken will restore Health instead. Trauma and Injury will still accrue!
Set 9: Max Morale

Buff Sets Effect [CM]
Set 1: All Active Legacy - Activates all Legacy Boons, you must start a new community with this to take full effect.
Set 2: Resource Gain - Gain Resources Everyday.
Set 3: Instant Base Actions - Base Actions are instant. Building, Upgrading, Facility Actions
Set 4: Haven Protocol - Kills zombies near the base. [No Threat Reduction]
Set 5: Outpost Slots Max - Gives 8 Outpost Slots
Set 6: All The Knowledge - Gives all the Knowledge buffs
Set 7: Beds and Labor - Adds beds and labor to the community
Set 8: Storage - Adds 250 Storage Space to all resources
Set 9: No Base Threat

Heartland Mode. 500-NerusBuffMeUpMasterHLF_P is required for the buffs to take effect.
The Buff Sets above can be used for this version.
Only Buff Set 1 [CM] can't be used since Legacy Boons do not exist in Heartland.

Buff Sets Effect [CM]
Set 1: Builder Boon - Power And Water [The other 3 Boons does not exist in Heartland]

Installation: [Using a Mod Manager is advised]
Place the pak file in the following directory (YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE THE PAKS FOLDER IF IT DOESNT EXIST)
Epic and Steam Users:
Windows Users