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Harness a fraction of Sparda's Power by calling forth the power of Summoned Swords.

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No one Read this below. I doubt anyone is gonna read this here. But whatever...
I rarely interact or check the comments on Nexus.
The fastest way to interact with me is to ask for me or ping me over at the SoD2 Modding Discord

I'm open for Commissioned Mods. Ping me over at the SoD2 Modding Discord.

Requires Integration!
Install the mod using KaiHeilos' Mod Manager.

Requires a Mice/Mouse with Thumb Buttons

Video Demonstration

Mod Overview
Harness a fraction of Sparda's Power by calling forth the power of Summoned Swords.

This mod was heavily influenced by the Summoned Swords ability in Devil May Cry 3/4/5.

Mouse Thumb Button 1 - Summons 8 swords that revolve around you and deals damage to enemies.
Mouse Thumb Button 2 - Changes the Summoned Swords

Sword Modes
Spiral Sword - [Swords Revolve Around the Player]
Spiral Sword E - [Swords Revolve Around the Enemy then stabs the enemy]
Sword Burst - [Swords will aim thrust into the nearest Enemy at the front at high speed]
Sword Rain - [200 Swords will fall above the nearest Enemy]

Additional Information
Summoning the Swords will consume 10% a character's max health. Cannot be spawned if health is insufficient
Summoned Swords will only last for 60 seconds. [Spiral Sword and Sword Burst (Standby)]
Spiral Sword - Each sword has a 0.5 second hit cooldown. Each hit will deal 1 damage. 5% Chance to instantly kill zombies
Spiral Sword E - Each sword will only deal damage once. Randomly one of the swords will deal enough damage to stun a Juggernaut
Sword Burst - Deals high damage on contact. It is guaranteed to bring a juggernaut to vulnerable state (If Juggernaut is the main Target)
Sword Rain - Each Sword will only hit once and deal 5 damage with knockback. The last falling sword will hold zombies in place for 15 seconds.

Thanks to ZodC137 for the textures.

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