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This version of the mod adds over 100 new outfits that are not replacements for existing outfits. Open the in game closet and choose one of the new outfits. Some Hats/Helmets have been added. If you have a suggestion for a new outfit please create a post.

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This version of the mod added over 100 new outfits that are not replacements for existing outfits. The Wacky Wonderful Community Closet is also fully compatible with my ZOD'S Wacky Wonderful Closet mod.

I will be updating this mod a bunch as I add new outfits.

This version of the mod adds-
6 new Tactical outfits, and added new textures to the camo of the new Tactical outfits.
1 new Shark hoodie Black.
2 new Combat T-shirts with The General ZOD logo.
4 new Anime Shirts.
6 new version of the ouchie shirts. Moved the Ouchie shirts to new category.
6 new CoconutKid shirts. moved the CoconutKid shirts to new category.
7 new Tattered suits.
11 new Lizard Hoodies.
3 new Versions of Scrubs, with and without hands. Dr. Nohands will see you now... (Including pink)
2 new Daybreak Suits. The Red Talon Contractor suits, with and without hands. That's right you can now use Dr. Nohands in a Red Talon Contractor suit.
6 new outfits for General ZOD's Fancy Dress.
12 new Hawaiian Shirts.
Updated for the new winter update outfit and hat.
5 new Combat Tees
2 New Resident Evil outfits.
4 New Prepper Gear outfits for the LT.
6 New Super-Hero Logo outfits.
9 New Combat helmets.
6 New Boonie hats.
1 New shirt for Brian.
3 new Leather jackets.
3 New Biker jackets.

Warning: Once again, This Mod will be updated a bunch as i add the older outfits, and new ones. Be sure to update this mod when the game updates, or any new outfits that get added by Undead Labs will not show up. This Mod may contain one or two outfit replacements. They are works in progress and will be moved to their own new section when finished.

First image preview.- Screenshots

New outfit preview.- Screenshots

Extract the ZIP and Place the pak file in the following directory

Epic and Steam Users:

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IF YOU OWN THE MS STORE VERSION, YOU MIGHT STILL HAVE TO USE THE EPIC/STEAM LOCATION! The Steam/Epic location is a kind-of "universal" path that the MS version will occasionally use. Make sure to also check there, if you cannot find/don't have the MS path listed above.

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