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LazyLib is a library required by most other Starsector mods.

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LazyLib is not a regular mod. It doesn't add any ships, weapons or factions. In fact, it doesn't change anything at all in your game! All it does is make writing code for mods easier. It contains methods to deal with otherwise complicated tasks like collision detection and formatted sector messages, among many other things.

Some mods may require LazyLib to run. If you are ever running a mod and get an error along the lines of 'Imported class "org.lazywizard.lazylib.<whatever>" could not be loaded', then this mod is required. Just make sure you have the latest version installed and that it is tagged in the launcher and everything should work.

Installation Instructions

This is installed the same way as a normal mod. Simply extract the zip into your mods folder and tag it in the launcher. As this mod does nothing until its classes are called, there is no harm in leaving it tagged in the launcher at all times even if your currently active mods don't require it.