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Claiming ownership over millions of people's possessions might seem like a bold claim, but that is one the Diable Avionics Corporation intends to enforce, with deadly means if necessary.

Permissions and credits

(And to whom else it may concern)

PURSUANT TO CLAUSE 9.1.1 of agreement dated 83.06.01 made between yourself (as contractee) and DOMAIN OF MAN (as the registered owner of SECTOR 7) and these habited systems including but not limited to: Corvus, Askonia, Arcadia, Eos, Magec, Gneiss, and Valhalla have been repossessed and any interest therein is determined absolutely.

All inquiries relating to property should be addressed to: Junior Treasury Accountant Cristo

Any persons entering these systems, attempting to enter or assisting others to enter without the registered owner's permission will be TERMINATED with prejudice.


The Diable Avionics play similarly to Mid-tech: using their superior mobility to choose their engagements and overwhelm isolated targets. The subtility they add is that their ships are generally individually slightly inferior to Vanilla ones, but synergize very well with their wings of Wanzers: mech-like strike-crafts that pack a superior punch but susceptible to enemy fire. To help them carry their missions, most ships tend to saturate the enemy's PD with swarms of micro-missiles.

A typical successful engagement against Diable Avionics fleets generally requires a solid phalanx of anti-fighter weapons to break the initial Wanzer and missile waves and a decisive counter-strike while their carriers are still rebuilding their strike-craft support.



Features advanced transforming ships:



Customize your fleet using one of these alternative skin pack mods. Only activate one in the launcher along with the main mod, you can swap them as often as you want without issue.

Here are some resources to easily make your own custom skin! I eagerly await to see what others may come up with for custom paint jobs. I would gladly feature popular skin pack mods in the collection.

Bug Tracker and Feedback form:
You have some feedback to share and want to make sure I do not miss it? You can use this google form to leave me a comment.

This mod is quite packed with content. When used with other large mods you may need to allocate additional memory.
Visit the Modding troubleshooting guide on the official forum for guidance, or join the Unofficial Discord server.

FlashFrozen for the original mod and designs.
Tartiflette for the artworks, animations and scripting
Debido for the Thunderbolt scripts.

You like the mod? Help to make it better: Donations will be used to commission content I cannot create myself, such as illustrations or music. Additionally, if you would enjoy playing with a custom paint job I also take commissions for a reasonable rate. PM me for more details on the Forum or Discord.

Made with Trylobot and Deathfly's Ship Editor
Made using SafariJohn's Rules Tool