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The goal of MagicLib is to create an Open Source, community driven "library" of useful (and well documented) scripts and plugins that can be leveraged and contributed to by every modder.

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The functions are fully documented here.

And you can contribute to the public repository here.

Link to the forum Thread to report issues or suggest additions.

Curent content:


Offers classes to load merged settings and lists from a shared modSettings.json file. Intended to make cross-mod integration and compatibility much easier to manage.

A uniform solution for the "incompatible hullmod" issue with vanilla hullmods.

Adds a cross-mod mechanic to balance very powerful weapons.

A collection of functions to make smooth animations.

Creates convincing punctual beams from arbitrary coordinates.

Creates "cinematic" lens flares.

Draw arbitrary sprites on-screen with constraints to entities/camera when needed. (aka "SpriteRenderManager")

Allows "smart" target selection for systems and missiles within distance and search cone parameters, plus it can use ship-class preferences.

Allows to create missile-style trails anywhere, from ships to bullets, with a lot of customization options. Also includes a CSV based manager
that should be able to handle most projectile use cases with negligible overhead.

Draws UI elements such as a system-like charge-bar/tick box next to the normal ship-system for special systems, or an extra status bar above the flux/hull bars.

Loose scripts
Scripts that can be used "as it is" or can be copied to individual mods to personalize the result.

Manages vectoring or vernier-style attitude thrusters.

A very customizable and lightweight missile AI script usable without any java knowledge.

A weapon script that allows regular projectiles to track their target.