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A Starsector ship mod from the domain-era.

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Requires LazyLib and MagicLib

Compatible with LazyWizard's Version Checker, Histidine's Nexerelin, Dark.Revenant's GraphicLib, Tartiflette's Unknown Skies, and Techpriest's Better Colonies

This mod will be expanded slowly, will add Hyperion Systems (ie. Hegemony) and Confederacy missions.
REMINDER: All the ships are imperfectly" kitbashed, and "slightly" unbalanced.

REMINDER: When updating to v0.8
  • Delete the previous Hyperion Systems version installed in your mods folder.
  • Extract and copy the new version to the mods folder.
  • Run and make a new game. (Previous saves will not generate the new stuffs)


History of Hyperion Systems:

Hyperion Systems, or Hyperion as it was called back at the Human Domain-era is one of the largest ship and weapons manufacturer that competed against the Tri-Tachyon Corporation. They originally designed and patented the first Phase-class ships and technologies that the Domain Fleet usually use. Hyperion Systems was founded on Mars at the later stages of the Sol System being fully colonized, recruited and commissioned by Earth's Space Expeditionary Force to build new and high-tech equipment, systems, and later ships and weapons for the rapid expansion of the Human race in the universe.

It was then at commented and written by Ayomide Callisto at the days of the Hyperspace Expansion-era that FTL technology was developed "originally" by the Tri-Tachyon Corporation, but what they did not realized that Hyperion Systems was the first corporation that developed in the cover of secrecy the phase-class ships commissioned by Earth's Space Expeditionary Force to send as scouts in other sectors. These scout ships were the Cassiopeia-class and Eridani-class ships.

Later, as the Human Domain-era collapsed and the gates were abandoned and deactivated, many of the ships and blueprints of these ships were transferred to the Persean Sector by the Hegemony and the Tri-Tachyon Corporation, but then subsequently "lost" due to the internal Persean Sector conflicts that happened after. As the sector slowly had its peace and silence, the knowledge and blueprints of this ships were found again by some Hegemony soldiers at a hidden, underground military base in the planet Jangala.

Now, Hyperion Systems is no longer an active corporation, but a shell of its former existence running covertly in Hegemony-controlled territory, all their ships are now on the hold of the Hegemony.


History of Hyperion Confederacy, faction of Hyperion Systems

Year C+87, the First AI War is occuring in the Persean Sector, Hyperion Systems was already an established corporation working in the shadows and wealth of the Hegemony. While war is happening in the sector, three high ranking officials of the company decided to leave the company and the Hegemony to seek better lives and to create their own government, same as the Persean League's goals.

It was there at one of Jangala's hangars where they set out on their journey. While on the hangars, they decided to grab three ships docked in the hangar, a Naos-class Battlecruiser, a Alycone-class Cruiser, and a Orionis-class Battlecruiser. They hated the way the Hegemony treated, and taxed the people after the collapse. They went and went, fought some Hegemony patrols, and alot of pirates along the way.

They ended up first at Penelope's Star, they remembered the planet Ithaca, which was on the way of being terraformed, when they got there, they saw that it was in chaos, and the terraforming was halted because of the war. So they left the system and almost gotten defeated by a large remnant fleet. Luckly, they found an unknown star system that the remnant never tried to colonize. But when they entered the star system, they found out a moon of a gas giant was a pirate's city. Sneakily, they got past of some pirate freighter fleet. There they realized the three planets, all habitable, and untouched by any people, nor the pirates landed into the planets. (Though they know it is there.) They thought their ships were empty of people inside, but unbeknownst to the three, they brought a sizeable population from the ships. There they started their quest to start a new lives, and to forge a new government that is free, and open for everyone.

Now, they are a mighty and well established splinter group of the Hegemony and the Hyperion Systems Corporation, and also defended their position in the sector. (Though they left the pirate moon city on their star system.)


Ships and Wings:

Naos-class Battlecruiser
The Naos-class Supercruiser was one of the original capital-class ships designed by Hyperion Systems back at the Human Domain-era. It was one of the original ships that was sent as a seedship to colonize other planets via the multi-generational ship. Though, through the years it was slowly redesigned as a Capital-class battleship.

Orionis-class Phased Battlecruiser
This ship is one of the original phase-based ships to be designed back at the Human Domain-era. It was originally designed as an experiment, a X-class ship dedicated for studiying phase technology. It was almost lost when the collapse happened, but it was then jump gated by the commander of the ship to the Persean System as a way to escape the problems in the Sol System. It ended up into Hyperion Systems' Persean Sector's orbital laboratories and was re-designed as a phased battleship and manufactured.

Perseus-class Supercarrier
The original capital carriers designed by Hyperion Systems for the Human Domain Space Forces. It has twelve hangar bays designed to carry advanced space-based combat, and to drop a large army to a planet.

Betelgeuse-class Combat Phased Superfreighter
It is one of the original freighter ship designed by Hyperion Systems' rivals Arcjet Corporation. This was one of the primary freight used by the Human Domain's primary military freight service, but then quickly lost when the collapse happened.

Arcturus-class Combat Phased Supertanker
A re-design or a refit of the venerable Prometheus-class heavy tanker, it was conceived by some of the Hegemony's Freight Union to increase the delivery of fuel across the Persean Sector against the original Prometheus. With additional defences of course.

Icarus-class Combat Phased Troopcarrier
The successor of the Carinae-class Troop Transport, it is a re-design of the Starliner-class Civilian Transport, redesigned for military troop transport and deployment to planets. Hyperion Systems was chosen to re-design the Starliner-class to a military variant by the Hegemony.

Alycone-class Cruiser
An old cruiser design, originally designed back at the middle of the Human Domain-era. It was originally manufactured by Hyperion Systems Earth Branch, but the blueprints were quickly shipped to other branches before the collapse happened.

Bellatrix-class Phased Cruiser
This phased cruiser was idealized by the Hyperion Systems Persean Sector Jangala Branch back just after the collapse of the Human Domain occurred. This ship was the primary defence of the Hyperion Systems Persean Sector for defending it's trade secrets to the growing problem of anarchy in the system.

Carinae-class Destroyer
Originally designed as a light-to-medium freighter back at the Human Domain-era, it was one of Hyperion Systems' original ships and it was converted into a crew transport just before the collapse. Now it is redesigned as a destroyer of some kind.

Sirius-class Phased Destroyer
The Sirius-class phase destroyer was originally a non-phased destroyer designed by the Tri-Tachyon Corporation in the middle of the Human Domain-era. It was then shelved but when the collapse happened the original blueprints were lost in one of the systems near the Persean Sector. It was recovered by Hyperion Systems in one of Persean Sector's gates in an old, abandoned, and damaged Betelgeuse-class Superfreighter originally owned by the 113th Militarized Freight Group that was killed-in-action by swarms of pirates and looters at the Persean Sector as the try to re-activate a gate to another system.

Eridani-class Frigate
A late Human Domain-era frigate that was originally deployed as a way to counter the defeat in the Battle for Earth. It was then quickly re-manufactured by Hyperion Systems right after the collapse for additional protection of interests.

Cassiopeia-class Phased Frigate
This ship is one of the original frigates of the Human Domain Planet Bombardment Fleet, one of this ship is originally used for destroying one large area of a planet from its large, dish-like weapon that was replaced internally with a Thermal Pulse Cannon.

Achernar-class Phased Bomber
An old, but dependable, and highly capable bomber. Using its quad Atropos torpedoes that is capable of damaging even the most highly armored, and hull amount. Designed by Hyperion Systems for the Naos-class Battlecruiser as a heavy offensive fighter.

Lynx-class Phased Interceptor
A fast and nimble interceptor designed to wipe all enemy bombers, fighters, interceptors, and assault wings. It can also be used to destroy light-to-medium armored targets with its heavy autocannons. Designed to defend any fleet, station, or planet.


Faction: Hyperion Confederacy Ships






Recent Changelogs:

Initial upload

Added Perseus-class Supercarrier
Added 2 new wings. (Achernar-class Phased Bomber & Lynx-class Phased Interceptor)
 Graphics: Modified all ship graphics to look slightly better.
Balancing: Reduced amount of hullmods of all ships.

New Faction: Hyperion Confederacy
New Ship designs and re-skin for the new faction
New Star System: Neue Jangala
Added additional features will appear if Unknown Skies, Better Colonies, Dassault-Mikoyan, or SCY Nation is installed.
Added a new Blueprint for the Hyperion Confederacy ships.
Procedurally-generated industries for the Confederacy, depending on the planet's conditions.
Confederacy will appear or not appear on Penelope's Star, and two of Dassault-Mikoyan's star systems: Kostroma and Nikolaev.
Balancing: Updated prices of ships and stuff, and factions will now use less Hyperion Systems ships. (Except Hegemony, and Independent)
Playable as a faction in Nexerelin.
And other special stuffs!

New Star System: Phia-Kria (Testing Phase)
Open Beta Testing of the Automated, Randomized Planets, and Planet Conditions.
New Market and Encounter music.
Removed some additional features for Dassault-Mikoyan, or SCY Nation is installed, as per request and idea of the their consecutive mod developers.
Confederacy will no longer appear on Penelope's Star, and two of Dassault-Mikoyan's star systems: Kostroma - and Nikolaev, as per request and idea of the mod developer.

Bumped to 0.95a.
4 new star systems.
Open Beta Testing of the Automated, Randomized Planets, and Planet Conditions.
Ship weapons and points balancing.


Known Bugs:


Made with Trylobot and Deathfly's Ship Editor.
Coded using Oracle's Java Development Kit v1.7 with the use of Apache Netbeans IDE.

Hyperion Systems by NinjaSiren is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Any derivative work must also comply with Starsector's EULA.