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Adds an additional faction to Starsector's campaign mode, the high tech Tyrador Safeguard Coalition.
The mod includes its own ships, weapons, star systems, and a new type of missile weaponry that spawns autonomous drones.

Permissions and credits
(Requirements: LazyLib, MagicLib)
(Supported by: DynaSector)

The following mod attempts to integrate a complete new faction into the base game that does not deviate wildly from it. This faction is formally known as the Tyrador Safeguard Coalition, or colloquially, as the Coalition.
The mod itself tries to introduce a "Forge World" fantasy into the game, where the Coalition faction is centered around a single heavily populated industrialized planet, in a heavily defended system.
And meanwhile the faction was not an interstellar megacorporation like the Tri-Tachyon, it surely was the home of several innovations, some of these creations being retconned to before the fall of the domain, as such many of the ships added by the mod have some vanilla faction skins, specially Tri-Tachyon skins, since the "natives" would have worked closely with them.
Style wise, the faction ships, overall, are flavored between midline and hightech, leaning more closely to the later.
In regards to gameplay, the faction is pretty much focused in larger ships, where destroyers and smaller vessels are mostly relegated to support functions. Many of the ships have severe downfalls, requiring the player to deploy well balanced fleets into battle. The exception to this is capital vessels, which are quite capable on their own.
The mod also adds a new kind of weapon, known as drone spawners, this type of weaponry enables a ship to provide a constant stream of highly disposable drones, that act similarly to standard fighters.

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