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"We help the poor, lift the desperate, mend the broken, and together, we build a better future."

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Welcome to the Outer Rim Alliance, a growing force of good in these dire times. One of the few groups, if not the only one, able to reverse the spiral of destruction that plagued our Sector since the Great Collapse. Let go of your worldly possessions, give them to the Alliance and we will give you a purpose. Become an agent of reconstruction rather than destruction, and strive to build a better world, together.


This is a high-tech faction almost entirely composed of broadside ships. As high tech ships, they mostly rely on energy weapons with a few missiles sprinkled here and there. They favor deliberate tactics, using their numerous weapon emplacements to pumel their enemies with long range artillery fire. Slow by nature, they usually rely on dense formations of cruisers with heavy fighter support to keep the enemy at range. While not the flashiest, those ships are reliable and dependable.

On the campaign layer, the Outer Rim Alliance occupy a large cluster of systems with a solid industrial base and a rich history to explore.


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Music by Mesotronik

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