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This mod adds a simple, classically-styled radar to the combat interface.

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This mod adds a simple radar to the combat user interface.

  • Zoom level is shown as four small white lines perpendicular to the cardinal directions. How close they are to the radar's center depends on the current zoom level. Zoom is controlled with +/-.
  • Ships are drawn as solid-colored shapes. Phased ships will appear faded on the radar, and your ship's current target will have a white marker drawn around it.
  • Shields will have their active arcs shown in blue.
  • Missiles are small colored dots; purple for enemy missiles, dark green for allied ones.
    The brightness of the dot varies based on how much damage that missile deals, so an Atropos torpedo (2,000 damage) is much more noticeable than an Annihilator swarm (200 damage each). Missiles that are locked onto the player ship are colored orange. Missiles that have burnt out are considered enemies as they can hit either side at that point.
  • Missile lock status is displayed at the top left of the radar box. If any guided missiles are in view and locked onto the player
    ship, an orange missile icon will appear here. The brightness of this icon depends on the most threatening missile currently locked on.
  • Asteroids are small white dots.
  • Objectives are large hollow diamonds.
  • Retreat areas are shaded yellow.
  • Map borders are shown as red lines, with a gray void beyond to show inaccessible areas.
  • Combat readiness for the player ship is shown as a vertical bar to the right of the radar. Current CR is shown in cyan, CR lost in the current battle in dark blue, and unobtained CR in dark gray. The bar will slowly flash if you are currently losing CR and flash
    faster as malfunction risk rises. For ships that don't lose CR this bar will be faded to be less obtrusive. If you are playing in campaign, your ship's maximum CR given the current captain and crew is shown as a horizontal white line.
  • Battle progress is shown as a bar along the bottom of the radar. It's based on the fleet points remaining on each side, so the larger the
    green portion is, the closer to victory you are. Allied ships are shown as a darker portion of each side's bar. A side's portion of the bar will flash if they are in full retreat. The relative fleet strengths at battle start is shown as a vertical white line so you can quickly tell if you're doing better than your opponent.