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Adds the Anarakis Reparations Society, a duplicitous quasi nation of privateers flying fragile, angular ships designed to avoid fair fights, and capitalize on unfair ones.

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The Anarakis Reparations Society

If fragmented and incomplete records are to be believed, the Anarakis Reparations Society was originally little more than a band of anti war protesters dating back to the earliest days of mankind's conquest of space. This notion seems almost disingenuous, as the organization that exists today is made up of some of the least trustworthy people to be found anywhere in the Persean Sector. Filling their coffers with pirated goods for some unknown end, most are advised to avoid the ARS. Most also ignore this warning, seeking to take advantage of their lackadaisical attitude toward trade regulation, or to bribe their aggression in a particular direction. In spite of their reputation, or perhaps because of it, they have carved out a niche in Sector politics as a useful tool for more established powers.

The angular ships flown by the Anarakis Reparations Society are designed to keep their enemies at arms length. With only a handful of notable exceptions, their shields are bad, their armor is bad, and their flux wont hold up in an extended firefight. Instead they rely on quick maneuvers and far reaching fire support, afforded by their lightweight hulls and over-engineered weapon mounts respectively. Caught out of position in a face-to-face brawl, many of their hulls will crumble rapidly.


Considering the state of their ships, it is no surprise that the Anarakis Reparations Society favors medium to long range weapons, and thus fields a plethora of unique equipment which falls into this category. Much like their ships, these implements have no traceable design lineage, and schematics for them are overwhelmingly physical with little to no consideration for Autoforge compliance. This forces them to rely on the Sector's more ubiquitous offerings to ensure their fleets are fully equipped.