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Morrokain - Original Author of the vanilla version is Puffyjelly

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Adds additional ships and weapons to a few factions in the Archean Order TC mod. This is a ship and weapon pack that requires that the TC is also installed. See the requirements section on this page for details. See this nexus mods page for more details on the combat overhaul:

Permissions and credits
This is a ship and weapon pack for the Archean Order combat overhaul mod. These additions are balanced around that mod's combat balance and utilizes several important scripts and therefore that mod must also be installed alongside this mod.


+ 12 additional ships
+ 14 additional weapons
+ 4 additional fighter wings

Affected factions:

1) Independents
2) Pirates
3) Trader Guilds
4) Adamantine Consortium

Special Thanks:

Thank you to PuffyJelly for allowing me to use Musashi Manufactorum's original assets in order to design them around Archean Order's combat balance.

Thank you to 6chad.noirlee9 for originally letting me know that I could balance this mod for the overhaul.

And thank you to you for playing it! Have fun!