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Nexerelin adds a number of 4X gameplay features to Starsector, such as faction diplomacy and warfare, and enhances the game with several other features. Choose your faction (or establish your own) and dominate the Sector!

Permissions and credits
  • 4X game features in Starsector
    • Factions will wage war against each other and try to conquer their enemies
    • Diplomacy events see faction relationships changing over time
    • Join a faction to gain useful support and represent them in war and peace, or start your own
    • Alliances offer mutual assistance in times of war
    • Employers pay insurance for ship losses
    • NPC colonies grow over time
    • Planet descriptions can change as territory is won and lost (in development)
  • More things to do
    • Mine planets and asteroids for useful resources for trade, or some treasure
    • Use agents to subvert other factions to your own ends
    • Requisition fleets from your colonies to carry out tasks
    • Pay tribute for the right to infringe on factions' territory
    • Bring aid to troubled worlds to keep them from decivilization
    • Turn in prisoners for reputation or cash
    • Browse the Prism Freeport for rare and pricey ships
    • Construct remote outposts to aid exploration
  • More events
    • Remnant raids
    • Relief fleets
    • Vengeance fleets
  • New starting options
    • Play in a randomly generated Sector, or travel the star systems seen in vanilla and other mods
    • Begin your journey with a range of starting factions and ships
  • Gameplay tweaks
    • Befriend pirates to lower the effects of their activity on your colonies
    • Lower tariffs on trade
    • ...and more enhancements

Third-party translations
Only provided here for convenience, not quality-checked or otherwise endorsed.
Russian by WhitePulsar (partial MTL)
Chinese (TBD)