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Star Wars mod Reboot. Introducing Galactic Empire and New Republic into the game.

Permissions and credits
Star Wars 2020

A Star Wars mod for the game Starsector.
Currently on Beta Stage, feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated.

Mod requirement:
LazyLib is required if you are playing v0.3.0 or above.


2 factions: Galactic Empire and New Republic.

2 new systems: Coruscant Prime and Chandrila Prime.

42 ships and 28 fighters.

Unique shield system.

New hullmods and planet type.

Star Wars Portraits.

Compatible with Nexerelin.

Faction Freatures:

Galactic Empire:
Strong capital ships and cruisers.
Powerful Turbolasers.

New Republic:
Strong Fighters
Strong Shields

Ship sprite artworks:
Fractalsponge (Ansel Hsiao) and Star Wars Interregnum team, especially dolynick.

LazyWizard for LazyLib.

Inspiration from the Star Wars mod created by LazyWizard and ShadowFox.

Special thanks to Alex and the dev team of Starsector, Starsector community and all Star Wars fans.

Voice line sfx from Star Wars Empire at War are property of Petroglyph Games and LucasArts.
All models, music and sound are property of and all rights reserved by STAR WARS © & ™ LUCASFILM LTD.