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Ever wondered why Gus only sells beer? Yeah, me too. Imagine if a bar only sold one type of drink and one flavor; they'd go out of business pretty quick. Adds new drinks & recipes to the Stardrop Saloon.

Permissions and credits

Ever wondered how Gus manages to stay open? Yeah, me too. Pam and Shane can't be spending that much and you have crops to attend to. Introducing Starbrew Valley ~ Now the Stardrop Saloon is an actual bar.

Check out a companion mod made by spacechase0 - More Rings to help negate the booze effects

- ChefRude
- Rjenyawd
- ParadigmNomad

Thank you for helping to sprite some of the drinks from our long list!

Part One

- Balancing is an issue, but I have done my best for version 1.0.0
- JA does not support the named 'Tipsy' buff but rather Speed -1. All alcoholic drinks give a minimum debuff of Speed -1

We made it to the hot files!

Below is a link to a public Google Sheet document. Documentation is an ongoing progress.


- Latest version of JsonAssets + all dependencies
- Latest version of SMAPI
- Artisan Valley + all dependencies

Once you have extracted the file you should a folder titled [JA] Starbrew Valley
Drag + Drop that folder directly into your SDV/Mods folder.

Your address bar should look similar to this if you did it correctly.

See Artisan Valley's page for instructions on how to install that component. 

Additional Instructions can be found here.

- Delete every existing food item made from this mod
- Remove the corresponding folder(s) inside /Mods

If you miss any (especially in your inventory) you can crash your game. 

- A companion mod that makes the Stardrop Saloon look more like a bar
Featured in screenshot: Mi's Fireplaces

[left]I cannot provide direct support for any issues with JsonAssets, and only some support for converted sprites.
If you are not happy with edibility, cost, purchase requirements, or sell they can be edited in the .JSON for each recipe. See here for more details on what each attribute means.[/left]