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Complex Terrain Parallax for height and depth on ground textures

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Also works with complex parallax, as nothing has changed from the user's site.

How's it going my friend !
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What is Terrain parallax?
-Skyrim has Terrain parallax and mesh parallax
Terrain: World mesh, like a planet, the seamless ground. THIS MOD
Mesh: Everything on it from the size of a mountain to smaller. STANDARD SKYRIM 2020 MOD
- So use Skyrim 2020 and overwrite it with this mod for terrain parallax

What is Parallax?
- It adds height and depth to Ground/meshes. It is like an earlier tech Tesselation.
Activated, a Pebble should stick out a few centimeters.

Terrain Parallax Textures differ from Standard Textures.
You can't use ST for TPT, or else you get warped textures.
If you want to mix mods, you need to mix TPT mods. NOT ST.
You can choose, either awesome height maps for terrain parallax on textures, or flat carpets as ground.
Choice should be easy.

What's still to do? Correct meshes with bad transitions. That's due to the way terrain parallax works and is in no way my fault !!!
- There is an upload with the first few fixes and separated packs in the optionals.

- To fix this in 100% of cases, an esp is necessary, should be doable by any below average CK modder. So not me, hehe. Please pm.
What's to do?
- Tundra, rock... meshes that get a variety of textures, depending on the region, need the right texture entries and sometimes a checkmark for "blending" for the transparency flag. It's that easy.

Please report with screenshots and more informative console mod
1. Stretches in the textures
2. Meshes with bad transitions

Requirement: ENB 0.462, better 0.465 or parallax shader fix mod


-No need to run DynDoLod again after installing this mod

8K/4K online
4K/2K online
Performance impact: More Vram usage

Credits: T4gtr34um3r - for providing awesome rocks to skyrim and making proper terrain fixes possible