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Adds harvestable tomato plants to several farms in the south part of Skyrim. You can also grow tomatoes in your Hearthfires houses.

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Tomatoes - a mystery.

You can find plenty of tomatoes lying around in Skyrim, but they must all be imported from far away, because no-one's growing them.
This mod changes that. It introduces tomato plants to several fields in South part of Skyrim (tomatoes are finicky plants, they need warmth and care and would not grow anywhere near Windhelm or Dawnstar) - some of the tomatoes replaced potatoes, others were planted in free spaces.
You can also plant them in the 'active soil' in Hearthfires' homes and gardens.

That's basically it. Bon apetit and enjoy.

Technical stuff

I created the mesh by modifying potato plant mesh using nifscope and Caliente's Outfit Studio (yes, really). The texture is vanilla 'potato02' texture renamed 'tomato02'. I use Skyrim Flora Overhaul, which changes the look of potato plants - as you can see on the screenshots, that makes it easy to tell the two apart. If you're not using any retexture mods, your tomatoes will be almost indistinguishable from potatoes (apart from the big red fruit, that is).


This mod will conflict with any mod that adds more plants to the Hearthfires planting system. Put the 'grow tomatoes' esp above that mod in load order, and you will still have tomatoes growing on other people's farms, but you won't be able to plant them yourself. Put the esp below the other mod, and you'll be able to plant tomatoes, but will lose ability to plant whatever your other mod added.

Available files

'Grow tomatoes basic' gives you the ability to plant tomatoes - no one else in Skyrim will be growing them.
'Grow tomatoes full' gives you the ability to plant tomatoes, and adds tomato plants to several warmer locations. The further North you go, the smaller the plants will be. I think Lereius' farm is the chilliest place that has them. Rorikstead has the best crops, because of course they do.


Feel free to use the mesh in any bigger mod you're making. Just credit me and let me know, please.