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  1. ExtendedCut
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You must start a new game to safely use this mod.

    Can I return to the Shivering Isles after completing the questline?

    Yes. The gateway between the Isles and the mortal world will remain open, and you can travel back and forth to continue exploring, trading and battling in the Isles even after completing the questline.

    How much content is in this mod?
    We estimate that you will experience roughly one to three hours of content, depending on how much you explore, how many quests you choose to complete, and other factors such as your Skyrim difficulty setting. We encourage you to explore at your own pace and have fun while playing.

    After finishing the mod and going back to Skyrim, every NPC hates me. Is this a bug?
    This behavior is caused by a 'prank' item. Check your inventory for cursed cutlery.

    Is this mod compatible with 'Legacy of the Dragonborn'?
    A third-party compatibility patch can be found here, but we cannot provide support.

    Can I update ECSS mid-game?
    This depends on the update's version number. This is what the version numbers mean:

    • X.0.0 = A massive update that is NOT safe to download mid-game.
    • 1.X.0 = A major update that is NOT safe to download mid-game.
    • 1.1.X = A minor update that IS safe to download mid-game.
    • 1.1.1.X = A hotfix that IS safe to download mid-game.
  2. TateTaylorOH
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    Bug Reports

    When submitting a bug report please use the following template:
    Mod version
    Put the version of the list you are on here.

    Describe the bug
    A clear and concise description of what the bug is.

    To reproduce
    Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    Expected behavior
    A clear and concise description of what you expected to happen.

    A copy of the mods you are using.

    If you getting a CTD, post a copy of your crashlog here.

    If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem. Additionally, if your report applies to a specific object, make sure it is selected with the console open. Reports without this will be closed.

    Additional context
    Add any other context about the problem here.
    Failure to use this template will result in your report being immediately deleted. Reports that are inactive for more than seven days will be closed.
  3. justcallmedots
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    • 23 kudos
    Its easy to get lost since this mod does not have a quest marker for Ruined edge and its a bit more hidden so coc ECSSDrownedRuinInterior01 if you want the bow. even then its hidden behind a secret wall that is easy to miss. This message is for those that missed the bow somehow. Enjoy! 
  4. needles18
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    Is this mode for a warrior build or a mage build?
  5. damion14053
    • member
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    Hi there is there a way to obtain thorons armor?

    also is it possible to get the ring of disrobing after giving it to thoron?
  6. megamanfan9
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    i love the mod, but it irks me you can't get the sword of jyggylag. why did you make it unavailable when you can get it in the base S&S CC content?
  7. Remy2004
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    So I'm stuck I can't find the Fork I have the spoon the staff nerveshater shadowrend and ruins edge what am I missing 
    1. megamanfan9
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      its in the soul tomato garden place by the near corgi shop. you have to climb the big tree., its stuck up there.
  8. rockingshotgun
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    I have a problem where I get a CTD when the skyrim logo appears after installing the mod when I unistall it the problem goes away. Crash logger mentions LUX but I have the pataches for it and this mod. Also I get those 2 references coming up 0004F839 and FF000F6D can someone help?
  9. DaddyGayHump45
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    I cannot see the dialogue option from Sees-The-Moon to activate the quest "The Lunatic's Treasure." I've reloaded my save to before I met Sees-The-Moon and before going into either the Drowned Ruin or Xedex's tower, and his dialogue option for the quest still did not show up at all on either of those attempts. Does anybody else have this problem? And if so, how did you resolve it?
    1. KnightofSchonnt
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      • 2 kudos
      Same problem
  10. Bruelaffe
    • member
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    Strangely, I can't make the Staff of Sheogorath. I can't see the original staff either. On the location of it in Sheogorath house is a Amber Greatsword.
    I also can't find the ingredients for the staff. I have no idea what is causing the problem. I play on the Skyrim SE version.
  11. Aulus01
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    Hello! I've been enjoying Skyrim EC Saints and Seducers so far, but I have a quick question. Is there any difference between the Amber and Madness pickaxes, and can they mine stalhrim?
  12. justcallmedots
    • supporter
    • 23 kudos
    I wish there was a written article of where to find certain items like the integrated CC stuff.