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  1. ExtendedCut
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Due to vanilla record handling conflicts, you must start a new save to use this mod without issues.

    Can I return to the Shivering Isles after completing the questline?

    Yes. The gateway between the Isles and the mortal world will remain open, and you can travel back and forth to continue exploring, trading and battling in the Isles even after completing the questline.

    How much content is in this mod?
    We estimate that you will experience roughly one to three hours of content, depending on how much you explore, how many quests you choose to complete, and other factors such as your Skyrim difficulty setting. We encourage you to explore at your own pace and have fun while playing.
  2. TateTaylorOH
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    Bug Reports

    When submitting a bug report please use the following template:
    Mod version
    Put the version of the list you are on here.

    Describe the bug
    A clear and concise description of what the bug is.

    To reproduce
    Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    Expected behavior
    A clear and concise description of what you expected to happen.

    A copy of the mods you are using.

    If you getting a CTD, post a copy of your crashlog here.

    If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem. Additionally, if your report applies to a specific object, make sure it is selected with the console open. Reports without this will be closed.

    Additional context
    Add any other context about the problem here.
    Failure to use this template will result in your report being immediately deleted. Reports that are inactive for more than seven days will be closed.
  3. Hermitpriest
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    So anyone figure out how to get the sword from the crystal?
    I've thrown both Sheogorath staves at it, thrown the Wabbajack, thrown Shadowrend and Ruin's Edge at it, nothin.
    Does it require you being worthy or something? Since stealing the original staff has that popup about it.

    Also saw in a past post the Fork of horripilation is still available, anyone know where that's at? only found the spoon.
  4. Geiger12
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    I just can't believe they got the voice of Sheogorath to help voice act for this mod. It's so awesome to see legends from the original game to come and help modders bring their stories to life. My love for skyrim mods has increased drastically. Can't wait to see what this mod has to offer!
    1. DanielHodge
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       No sorry, I'm just an impressionist I do the voice for mods because Wes Johnson the original voice actor can't act for mods due to the union rules.
  5. matty5ps
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    imagine the devs asserting soo many constraints just get a bug report across, "you must do this and that, you must have flown to the moon in a self built rocket when you were 5, you must invoke the 10th rite of passage from the dark lord before breakfast. failure to do this will result in your bug reports getting thrown away because we cant be bothered to look at them anyway" learn your industry. people don't want to fill out massive forms just to get told "there's nothing we can do" or "and now you've done this i need you to confirm this and that and this and that" get grip guys :)
    1. aegon42069
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      Buddy, the devs spent crazy amount of time to develop a mod for free, and they provide instructions on how to report bugs, and you come here and whine about the format of the report, while contributing with nothing, and providing no constructive suggestions. Get a grip spoiled brat.
    2. DanielHodge
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  6. Darklocq
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    Just not working for me at all, in any way (v1.0.0.4).

    "A new save is required to play this mod." - Yep.
    "You must be at least character level 20." - Yep.
    "You must have completed the vanilla Daedric quest The Mind of Madness." - Yep.
    "sleeping for 6 ingame hours" - Yep.
    "or coming back later and reentering Solitude - Yep.
    "will begin a series of events setting you on the path to the Asylum." - Nope, not for me.

    I have quests open that say to go to the Saints/Seducers bandit camps, and markers for them, but nothing is there.  I didn't actually expect to see these quests, since this mod is supposed to be a total replacement of S&S, but maybe it uses the same initial quests to get started?

    I don't have anything installed I can think of that interacts with S&S other than the Unofficial Content Creation Patch, merged version. Oh, and the recent Dylora's Reward add-on for SEC. Everything is installed in LOOT order.

    I think my game has become a dead stick for S&S, since the mod's not working and surely I can't uninstall it mid-game and play the vanilla version.  How do I kickstart the mod content via console?

    PS: Vanilla S&S worked fine in my previous playthrough.
    1. Roccondil
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      Did you install this in a brand new playthrough or midway through one?
    2. Darklocq
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      Brand new.
    3. Roccondil
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      That's weird... afaik, the game shouldn't be giving you those quests if you had it installed from the very start of the carriage ride.
      Another question: do you have Open Cities installed?
    4. Levanalenoir
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      Oh no. I've got this same issue but I'm much earlier into the game
      Its installed on a fresh game and all but I stumbled into the saints area following the marker only to have the location empty. It was installed on a fresh save and everything but I've not got that far in but I thought I'd check the modpage to see if the original quest was supposed to be kicking off only to see this thread post.
      I'd be interested to see what becomes of this as I don't know if my version is messed up now or what?
    5. Darklocq
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      • 2,791 posts
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      I don't have Open Cities.  I also did not take the carriage ride; I use Alternate Start, and started as a tavern patron of the Winking Skeever.  I suppose there's some faint chance that I did not have the mod enabled when I started the game, and only enabled it afterward.  I don't think so, but I can't say there's a 0% chance of that.  I guess I can just try again next time I start a new game, and be damned sure it's in the load order on first run.
    6. Darklocq
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      Update: It IS actually working. I got an earthquake, which led to sewer and thence to Shivering Isles.  That much is going on. I've met Staada and been tasked with killing some renegade.  I did still get the vanilla "Find the Saints/Seducers bandit camp" quests with no camps there, though.
    7. GammaCavy
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      I am very glad to have found this comment thread. See, I've been directed to find the saints and seducers- no camps present, but a pair of bum quest markers. Hadn't actually done the Mind of Madness yet; so I hadn't set off any of the other conditions- and yes, I started a completely new game. Note to all of us : Watch out for the vanilla Saints and Seducers trying to start.
  7. PurpleFloor
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  8. imamurlocmurgle
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    I completed this mod, and liked it for the most part. I had a lot of issues with bugs however, and nearly all of them stemmed from a mod
    conflict, so I will post my experience and takeaway from that here.

    For those of you having issues with the main quest: it is most likely
    because another mod edited an NPC (the main culprit seems to be Thoron)
    and overwrote this mod's changes. If this happens, or you install
    mid-game, Thoron bugs out because he's running vanilla's or the other
    mod's scripts and AI instead of Extended Cut's changes.

    You CAN NOT fix this once you have started the game. Thoron's scrips are baked into the save file from the moment your file is created.
    If you sorted your load order with LOOT, it likely put this mod near the
    top of your load order. This creates more problems than it solves. Check
    in xEdit if any NPC or Quest records are being overwritten and either
    make a patch or load this mod below them.

    For me, it was Power of Creation (Creation Empowerment.esp in your load order) that edited Thoron and
    bugged out my game. If you have this mod, simply load it before Extended
    Cut. Extended Cut does not edit any of the items or artifacts. It only
    edits NPC's and the quest. You should be able to load Extended Cut after
    it and retain all changes to the artifacts in question (Nerveshatter,
    Ruin's Edge, etc).

    There may be other mods that edit Thoron and Staada that I don't know about or haven't accounted for. Again, check in
    xEdit BEFORE starting a new game. If you're determined to keep your
    save file, you're going to have to muck around with the SetStage and tcl
    commands to muddle through the quests as best as possible. I managed
    it, but it was a headache.

    Edit: This mod is ESM flagged so loading it lower on your load order isn't really possible. edits in xEdit or an override patch made using it are your only options.
    1. blackjackgarry
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      I have nearly the same problems!
      See also this video (not from myself) 'Skyrim: Extended cut Saints and Seducers - Part 1 - YouTube' - there you will see most of the problems with Thonor.

      I started a new game, after some playtime I choose to do the mind of madness, and after that this mod.
      Well, every fight with Thoron is a pain, Its bugged like hell - so I agree with most of who described it here.

      I went into xEdit and did a check for Thoron, only MLU (Morrowloot) and Syntesis (for unleveled Skyrim only) changes some entries - BUT NOT THE QUESTS!

      I then played through it - with help of the console: (for info - see the cmd's in the skyrim wiki for console)
      - tcl  -- when ever I had to bypass the Thoron barrier - could never (somehow) break it...
      - showqueststages ec_ss_mq102     -- to look for the next quest stage.
      - setstage ec_ss_mq102    -- to overcome the Thoron bugs...
      With this I could end it, unfortunatly I didn't get the Jyggalag (well console helps here too).
      (You may mostly start to use setstage when you start the endfights; stages up 80.)

      I also have some mods for quest objectives and quests timing/triggering installed:
      - Even Better Quest Objectives SE - EBQO
      At Your Own Pace at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus
      ...but none changes the Saints mod quests. They do not overwrite  scripts or entries (xedit).

      So, I can only suggest to play it when you are able to access the console!
      But Out-Of-The-Box as advertised on the description page - NO, that's not the case!
  9. C0ns0l3Gam3r56
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    How do I obtain the normal Staff of Sheogorath? Every time I pick it up, it is immediately removed from my inventory.
  10. scorrp10
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    Ok, I understand that this mod requires a brand new game.    I understand that if I attempt to access this mod's content from an existing save, I will run into issues.   However, I ALSO have existing in-progress games that I like to continue.   Without touching S&S content.   And I really do not need that blasted warning message in every ....  single .. character ... dialogue.   Slamming an unconditional warning like that across the board with no way to remove is BAD DESIGN.    

    For my part, I went ahead, and edited your mod's esp.
    I added a GlobalVarible EC_SS_Hide_Warning
    Then I went into ccBGSSSE025_StaadaQuest  Player Dialogue, where first Topic is your warning, and added a condition that EC_SS_Hide_Warning must be 0.   
    The condition on the topic can be extended to appear despite the global, on certain relevant NPCs (i.e. Staada)

    Then I added a fragment to the 'By Gods This can't be happening' response to run  EC_SS_Hide_Warning.SetValueInt(1) at the end.
  11. Nightwolf6
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    1.)Is Ruin's Edge in this, or is it still seperate? I also have the mod "Legacy of the Dragonborn - Creation Club Patch Hub version 5.2.1" and it might mess with the bow.

    2.) I have version of this mod. Can I update this mod midway through, or will I need to start over again?

    3..)Also, found a door to "Pit of Xedex"???
  12. Poepkat
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    So... are most problems reported due to user error because of NPC replacers and no conflict resolution? I see Thoron being blamed for a lot of stuff.
    1. TateTaylorOH
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      A lot of people don't know how to use xEdit.
    2. WastelandSettler
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      You know its responses like this that really get my goat.

      Firstly, your mod page boasts "Seamless Integration" and "Patchless Compatibility" and implies its as simple as plug-in play but it clearly is not any of those things. Expecting folks to have to use xEdit just to use your mod is kinda silly. If that's the case why not set that as a requirement because it obviously is.

      Literally everything breaks Thoron. I'm not entirely sure why you chose to keep Thoron as he was and instead just make a new NPC outside of those CC limitations and call him Thoron2 or some other name and retire Thoron completely. Dylora and Staada have none of the issues that Thoron has and I suspect that's because they are original NPCs essentially.

      Secondly, as far as I know console users (not myself) cannot "JuSt uSe xEdIt". That's not a solution for them.