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A set of Telvanni-themed spellsword armor.

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This mod adds a set of Telvanni-themed Spellsword armor meant for the Dovahkiin that prefers to run into battle with a sword and a spell at the ready. The armor set is similar to chitin armor in strength and requires the "Elven Smithing" perk to craft and temper. Crafting requires chitin plates, netch leather, leather strips and iron ingots.

A "starter" set can be found enchanted in an urn at the College of Winterhold in the player's room, offering Magicka regen, Fortify Destruction, Fortify One-Handed and Muffle. The set was originally created as an alternative to the hood and college robe received by Mirabelle at the college but has since evolved from there.


This is not added to any leveled lists. There are maybe two or three members of the Great House Telvanni in all of Skyrim (not including your Dovahkiin if you are roleplaying as one or as an honorary member after doing Neloth's quests), so it wouldn't make sense for anyone else to wear this set. Though, I imagine it would look nice on Teldryn.


Magical College of WInterhold

Tel Nalta
Project AHO
Teldryn Serious - A Teldryn Sero Backstory Quest


Legendary version available HERE.