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Adds trees to the valley west of Whiterun. Designed for performance. Compatible with an extensive number of mods. Based on The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold.

Permissions and credits
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"This mod was made from Ro's Great Forest of Whiterun Hold. It is somewhere in between Forest Borealis which provides a much colder aesthetic, and Ro's Forest which appears as a lush, rainy forest. I created this mod to have inherent compatibility with every mod I could find that edits the area (even mods only available for Oldrim). Additionally, I removed all the added clutter (ie bushes, spriggans) keeping only the trees. As a final result, this tundra forest shouldn't be any more performance intensive than Falkreath Hold or the Rift."
-Dr. Megaloblast

  • This mod does not contain meshes, textures, or scripts
  • This mod only adds trees to the worldspace
  • The images in the preview were taken with custom landscape mods
  • This mod includes the changes made by JonnyWang13's Realistic High Altitude Treeline

Compatible with any tree overhaul that doesn't also add trees to the valley:
  • Enhanced Vanilla Trees
  • Every Tree Different
  • Forest of Dibella
  • Simply Bigger Trees
  • Skyrim Flora Overhaul
  • Skyrim 3d Trees
  • etc.

Not Compatible with other mods adding trees to the valley:
  • Forest Borealis
  • Great Forest of Whiterun Hold

Designed to be compatible with these mods without patches:
  • Alternate Start
  • Apatoiah SSE
  • Bathing Beauties or Beefcake Luxury Suite SE
  • Bent Pines
  • Better Cities SSE Solitude and Whiterun Overhaul
  • Brotherhood of Old
  • Cutting Room Floor
  • Desdemona Citadel (Final Version Multiple Adoption)
  • Dovahkiins Warehouse and Bedroom SSE
  • Dragon Bridge
  • Dragon Bridge South Side ENG Haafingar edition Revised
  • Dragonborn Village east side
  • Dragonborn Village West Side Version
  • Dusk's Cabin SE
  • Eli's Shack
  • Elisdriel Bosmer inspired tree house
  • Elysium Estate SSE
  • Expanded Towns and Cities SSE Version
  • Following Mercer A Thieves Guild Quest
  • Forgotten Dungeons (SSE)
  • Fort Highwood SE
  • Frostfield Loreius Farm Settlement SSE
  • Gavrostead SE
  • Granite Hill
  • Halla A Whiterun Player Home
  • Hammet's Dungeons
  • Immersive Hold Borders
  • JK's Skyrim
  • Legacy of Dragonborn
  • Legendary cities Tes Arena Skyrim Frontier Fortress
  • Lord of the Rings Weathertop
  • ModGroups
  • Moon and Star
  • Moonstone Castle SE
  • More Bandit Camps SSE
  • Mythical Tundra Stonehenge and Hilltops
  • OrcHearthfires
  • Orotheim Cabin
  • Patches for The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold
  • Pirates of The North
  • Provincial Courier Service
  • Qaxe Questorium
  • Relic Hunter
  • Rorikstead
  • Rorikstead Wagons SE
  • Round Window Cabin Player Home
  • Schools of the Holds
  • Settlements Expanded
  • Skyfall Estate (SE)
  • Skyrim Reborn Whiterun Hold
  • Skyrim Wayshrines Immersive Fast Travel SWIFT SE
  • Solstice Castle SE
  • Spectraverse
  • Steel and Fire SSE
  • Tharash Dol Orc Stronghold and Player Home
  • The Ruins
  • The Seaside Library
  • The Undercity SSE
  • Tiny Calm Garden
  • Tiny Little Living
  • T'Skyrim Whiterun (Addon to JK's Skyrim)
  • Tundra Watch Farm SE
  • Valkyrja Castle Whiterun
  • Viking Towns of Skyrim
  • Vigilant
  • Whiterun Addition
  • Whiterun Expanded
  • Whiterun Expansion Redone and Open Cities Compatible
  • Whiterun Exterior Home
  • Whiterun Gatehouse and Walls Restored SE
  • Whiterun Home 4_5
  • Whiterun Manor Player Home SE
  • Whiterun Outskirts Market
  • Whiterun Outskirts Resoration
  • Whiterun Shack
  • Whiterun Stables Tower basic micro player home
  • Whiterun Stormcloak Camp Reborn
  • Whiterun Valley
  • Whiterun View
  • Whiterun Watch
  • Whitewatch Tower Reborn
  • Wind's Rest Estate A Whiterun Tundra Home