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A simplified version of the City Entrances Overhaul - Markarth mod originally published by JPSteel2's. Designed for compatibility with other mods that alter the surrounding area.

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This mod is based on the amazing City Entrances Overhaul - Markarth mod by  JPSteel2. While I always loved the aesthetics of the mod itself, it was plagued by some horrible incompatibilities with a whole bunch of mods - more or less anything that even dared to breathe on the Markarth exterior. The reason for making this mod was therefore to make a simplified version of JPSteel2's original mod that tries to preserve as much of the good as possible, while getting rid of the majority of the landscaping edits done to the area in front of the gate, which was the cause of the majority of conflicts with other mods.

All of this was of course done with the original author's permission.

Simply download the mod through your mod manager of choice and install. The .esp should generally be placed as low as possible in your load order, but make sure to place it ABOVE Open Cities and Realistic Water Two if you are using either of these mods. For optimal experience, you should run DynDOLOD after installation to generate the LOD. I have included valid rules within the mod's folder that should take care of everything - be warned that due to the usage of some unusual assets, I had to resort to setting the LOD 4 of large sections of the wall to use the full object, otherwise you would get inconsistent or outright invisible sections of the wall when far away. This could come with a performance penalty, depending on your computer. SSELODGEN is not fully supported as I only use it for terrain LOD generation.

Of course, the main goal of this mod was to try to increase the compatibility with various mods. In its current shape, it should be compatible with just about anything that doesn't try to significantly alter the gate and walls of Markarth.  Here is a short list of popular mods that were previously incompatible with the original mod under some circumstances, which should now work out of the box with this version.

  • Open cities - compatible, load OC after this mod
  • Realistic Water Two - compatible, load RW2 after this mod
  • Enhanced Landscapes - compatible, load before this mod
  • Immersive Citizens - compatible, load before this mod
  • Skyrim Sewers - should be compatible
  • JK's Skyrim - compatible
  • Dawn of Skyrim - compatible
  • SKY CITY - Markarth rising - should be compatible, haven't been able to personally test as Sky City is broken with Open Cities at the moment
  • Renewed Exterior of Markarth - compatible
  • Better City Entrances - mostly compatible, some extremely minor conflicts that shouldn't really affect anything
  • Lanterns of Skyrim II - compatible
  • City Extensions - mostly compatible, two very small issues that can be fixed easily, might make a patch eventually. Load City Extensions BEFORE this mod