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A common set of resources used in my guard overhauls. Will be required for my guard overhauls from this point forwards. Others may use them as well if they're useful to you.

Permissions and credits
As I've been doing my guard overhauls and adding outposts to the game, I've been finding myself making many of the same things over and over.  AI Packages, LevelledLists, and scripts for controlling guard training in particular.
It just seemed wasteful- of my time in creating them, and of game resources to have many copies of the same AI Packages, for example, contained within different plugins.

From this day forward (Dec 16, 2021), future guard and outpost releases from me will require this as a master, and any updates to existing ones will as well.

ESP flagged as ESL-ESM.   Does not override or alter any other plugin's records, including those in the vanilla game.

The scripts contained within require SKSE in order to function.   Not all dependent mods will use the scripts.  If a particular mod does use the scripts, the SKSE requirement will be listed on that mod's page and not here.

As of the time of writing, SKSE64 for AE is still in preliminary stages.  I am not using AE, yet.  This has been tested and is working with SE.   I do not have LE, either.  However there is nothing I'm aware of in here that would prevent it from working with LE and several users have reported it as working in LE.

Current List of mods requiring this:
Dragon Bridge Guard Overhaul
Falkreath Guard Overhaul
Granite Hill Outpost
Jerall-Throat Pass Outpost
Pale-Whiterun Border Fortifications
Pinewatch Pass Reclaimed
Riverwood Guard Overhaul
Rorikstead Guard Overhaul and Border Post
Shor's Watchtower Reclaimed
Sungard Pass Checkpoint
    Added after initial release:
Dawnstar Guard Overhaul
Stonehills Border Outpost
Ivarstead Guard Overhaul
Oakwood Guard Overhaul
Morthal Guard Overhaul
Lakeview Fortified

Optional Files:
There is an optional file available that adds armor from Guards Armor Replacer to the outfits and leveldlists instead of vanilla armors.  Requires Guards Armor Replacer in order to function - the optional file contains no textures, meshes or assets.   It only adds entries to leveledlists and outfit lists.
Note: Some of the overhauls/outposts need to be updated before they will use GAR outfits.   I am getting to them.

Merging Plugins:
As this is intended to be a master for multiple other mods, I do not recommend merging it.

There's nothing particularly revolutionary or groundbreaking in here, but if they're of use to other modders you're free to make use of them as well.