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Adds a small, lightly-manned combination outpost and guard barracks to the Granite Hill area on Falkreath's Northern border. This is a tactically important position, as the elevated terrain gives a good view of both Whiterun Hold and The Reach without encroaching on their territory.

Permissions and credits
Regulating trade and passage of people across your borders is important, so is keeping an eye on your neighbors while maintaining a respectful distance.

 - Adds a small combination guard tower/barracks with a complement of four guards.
 - Guards have regular schedules, with daily sleep and time off in addition to guarding.  Any any given time, two are on-duty while the other two are either sleeping or eating/relaxing.
 - Guard Civil War allegiance follows that of Falkreath- if Falkreath's allegiance changes during the CW, so will the guards.
 - Regardless of CW allegiance, guard uniform will consits of Falkreath Cuirass, Falkreath shield and a Falkreath Guard Helmet.
 - Guard boots and gloves will get minor upgrades as the PC levels, up to Scaled for Stormcloak-aligned guards and up to Imperial Heavy for Imperial-aligned guards.
 - Guards get limited, but meaningful, upgrades to their weapons as the PC levels- up to a maximum of Nordic weapons.

Optional File:
There is an optional download for integration with Arthmoor's Fall of Granite Hill mod (no longer on Nexus).
If you don't already know why that mod has that particular name, the following may be a spoiler for you!

Using the integrated version with Fall of Granite Hill is not necessary.  Everything will still work, there just won't be any integration between the outpost and the town.
If you opt to use the non-integrated version with Fall of Granite Hill, load this before FoGH.   FoGH needs to overwrite the Location Keywords in order to function as a proper town!

With a mod manager or manually, whichever you prefer.  Same as most mods.

This was made with USSEP installed, however it is not a required master.  USSEP is recommended.

Known conflicts:
None at this time.

If you want to or need to merge plugins, this is a good candidate.

This mod only changes the NavMesh in the single cell it occupies (-12, -10).   There were limited visual changes made in a few adjoining cells, mainly rearranging flora.

The town in the background in some screenshots is Arthmoor's Fall of Granite Hill.
Town not included.