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An overhaul of Dawnstar's guards, giving them daily schedules of work, sleep and recreation time. Weapons training when the Khajiit caravan is not in town. Adds beds to the barracks so the guards actually have a place to sleep.

Permissions and credits
- Gives daily schedules to all of Dawnstar's guards (and Jailors) with work, sleep, work some more and then recreation time.
 - When the Khajiit Caravan is not in town, off-duty guards will use that area for weapons training.
 - After weapons training, guards may grab a pint at the Windpeak Inn.
 - Adds three additional beds to the barracks, so all guards can sleep (they only had one usable bed previously!)
 - Guards will get minor incremental improvement to their gauntlets, boots and weapons as the PC levels but still use regular Dawnstar Guard Cuirass, Helmets and shields.
 - Guard faction allegiance will properly update to match Dawnstar's throughout the Civil War.

 - No exterior NavMesh edits, and only edits the interior NavMesh of the barracks.

 - Compatible with Dawnstar overhauls that do not significantly change the layout of Dawnstar, such as JK's Skyrim or Arthmoor's Dawnstar.
    When using this with JK's Skyrim or Arthmoor's Dawnstar, load this after them.

There is a patch for Cities of the North - Dawnstar available here.

Not compatible with ETaC

This was made with USSEP, but USSEP is not required.

Guard training requires SKSE64.   The rest of the mod should function with it.

With a mod manager, or manually.  Same as most mods.

Merging Plugins:
If you want to or need to merge plugins, this is a good candidate.