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ENB particle lights effect for the candles on some nordic ruins' walls and columns. No .esp :)

Permissions and credits
This mod contains SMIM meshes and textures.
These candles already had a slight glow... but I feel that it was too slight. So, I made this for those who want more intensity heheh
Check the images for comparisons (using Silent Horizons ENB with Lensflares disabled) :D

1) Install manually or using any mod manager.
2) Be sure that you have this settings in enbseries.ini file:


-An ENB preset to enable the particle lights effect.
-I included the bones and candles' textures from SMIM; so... this mod is standalone and does NOT require SMIM.

-NOT compatible with mods that alter the same meshes. Those would require a patch.
-If you use SMIM, load this mod after it and overwrite the files.
-Compatible with ELFX. Just overwrite the 8 conflicting meshes with this mod.
-Compatible with Lux (patch provided under optional downloads).

-Rudy102 and Brumbek for creating and giving permission to use some of their assets here on nexus :)
*note: recently I got permission from Nick aka Brumbek to earn DP from this mod.
-Kulharin for enabling parallax on these meshes.
-InstantKor for providing the Lux compatible meshes.