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Add spear/javelin weapons and animations for 1st and 3rd person mode. These are usable by the Player and NPCs, can be crafted and found on some bandits.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
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This mod adds spear/javelin weapons and the animation to go with it. These are of the sword type and
uses the one-handed perk tree. Both the player and NPCs can use the
spears along with animations. The spears can be crafted and can be found
on bandits you encounter.

Update: As of now and future releases will not support FNIS/Nemesis and will instead be utilizing DAR
(Dynamic Animation Replacer)

Skyrim LE version
: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97220

Spear Grip Mechanic: When using the spear with a shield or off-hand weapon the one-handed animation will be used. If the
left hand is unequipped and empty then both hands will grip the spear
and the two-handed animation will be used. While in this pseudo
two-handed mode you gain an attack damage boost of a fixed 1 point.
Using magic on the left hand is considered empty, both hands grip the
spear until you cast a spell.

Javelin Throw: Blockbash and power blockbash will throw the javelin. Javelin damage is
the base damage x2.5 ignoring armor and can stagger the foe.

Custom Skeleton: This mod uses a custom skeleton to enable sheathing the spear/javelin
to the back. If you use a different mod that includes a skeleton then
this mod's skeleton will not be used. So if you use XPMSE then my
skeleton will be ignored and the game should resume with XPMSE as

- Remove the mod, load up the game and save.

- Uninstall any older versions first.
- Install like normal, load the game and play. Wait a few sec for DAR to cache, have fun.

How it works
- DAR replaces animations based on conditions such as detecting an
equipped weapon and many more. All added animations are interchangeable
and all vanilla animations are still available. This applies to both
Player and NPC.


- Fully compatible with Animated Armoury by NickNak
- May work alongside other spear animation mods without conflicts. Only spears from this mod will use this mod's animations.
- May conflict with other animation mods that does the same thing.

Spear Stats
All spear length and attack speed are now uniformed.

BouBoule201288 - Inspirations for my mod.
NickaNak - Being the best mentor ever!
Bubbajones_ya - For the Blender setup, none of my animations could have been made without this.
KeyboardKing - Tester
nikikuriton - Original author of the Elder Spear