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Just an edited version of the Severin Manor house in Raven Rock. Adoption friendly. follower friendly, crafting friendly, etc. Just more cozy with a mix of Raven Rock and Noble.

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And yet,very functional


  • Doors that will close themselves (version dependent)
  • Portals to the other 5 player houses* (excluded hearthfire houses)
  • A teleport spell to return to Severin Manor
  • Labeled safe storage in one form or another:

  •                V2.5 an updated 1.2, now with Adoption, fixes. Might need: Hearthfire multiple adoptions
  • V2.6  Just see the change log.

  • V1.2  has normal labeled chests.  
  • V2.1  has auto-sorting storage thanks to General Stores
  • All the older versions are in the Archives folder which we can no longer delete.  If your new to my mod, or been using it for awhile, ignore all the old stuff and just stick with the newest version.  It will be the only one I support!
  • Note:  I didn't do anything to preserve the safety of any quests involving this house makeover, as such I  recommend only installing the mod only after any and all quests involving it are finished!

    *All the teleports on the shelf now require you to own the house your heading to, or at least have it's key.

  • Cleaned all versions to the best of my know how in SSEEdit.

  • Enjoy!

    Just install with mod manager of choice.  Version 2.1 will require General Stores

    If your upgrading from any of the previous versions,
      it’s safer to empty any containers, zone out and save. 
    Then install new version.

    See the Change Log for version specifics.

    My only other mod atm:
    Cliffside Homestead
    General Storage
    Whiterun Manor - Add-on


    I added this info on the mod upload page but don't like that's it not visible to others, so making it so.

    Thanks to Harvey2112 and Draco1122 for General Stores.