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What started as a simple port has increases to a full overhaul of the original overhaul. Make the Thieves' Guild a place that truly feels like home, boasting displays, mannequins, multiple custom decorations, and a "Guild Master's Room" that is truly designed to impress. Uses the Guild own radiant quest system for upgrades.

Permissions and credits
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Before Updating to 2.6.3 ensure that your Character is not in the Cistern area.... During testing this caused a crash to desktop

Before Updating to version 2.5 or above, Please make sure you delete old file SSE_TGHQO2dot2.esp, SSE_TGHQO2dot2.bsa, and SSE_TGHQO2dot2 - Textures.bsa due to new file name not overwriting. (Not responsible for issues caused by not doing this {this will be the last time doing this when updating, all mod files will overwrite from this point foward})

Mods You will need
General Stores

Recommended Mods
Scoped Bows 

Newest Version 2.6.3 see change log below

Thieves' Guild High Quality Overhaul

Are you like me and love the thieve's guild, but just think that the cistern is really lacking in functionality. Do you want something that makes it feel like you are actually a the guild master. Well, after more than my fair share of praise and a few requests to update my Skyrim mod. I've done exactly that. I've poured over the files for nearly two weeks now, re learning the creation kit, pulling my hair out multiple time as it crashed in less time using it than it took to load it. I've updated The "Thieves' Guild High Quality Overhaul" to version 2.0.

Specially crafted for Skyrim Special Edition, this mod has everything the original oldrim mod had and more. Changes include, secret entrance direct from the Riften square to the Ragged Flagon, (Inspired by Thieves Guild Ladder) updates to the Flagon and the cistern based on progress in the radiant thieves guild quest line, With many more to came.... Updated room bounds to increase performance across the board. Separated Guild Master's bedroom with mini display area an mannequin displays. Area has been completely navmeshed and is follower and NPC friendly.

Features included from original mod are general stores activators, exit from the cistern into the Skyrim World space, Alchemy area, (With 10 plant your own soil plots) Lavish Guildmaster's Bedroom. (Look in the study for a note from the previous guildmaster, *no spoilers in the note, just thought it was a nice touch*) Expanded training area, All crafting stations.


Major Thanks to Outlaw666 For permission to use a modified version of his Scoped Nightingale Bow mesh for the custom Black Dragon Bow. Check out the picture in the screenshots above, or on the media page. If you haven't downloaded his mod check it out here.

Will be up dating this mod periodically, just been working on it for nearly three straight weeks it seems and I'm thinking that its at least half ready to upload. Added in a lot more items, though you may not see many of them right away. 

Want to thank Sokkvabekk, and TheTruhvanor for inspiration on this mod.  

Sokkvabeck for the idea of improving the guild through the radiant quest system.
(I've expanded on this by using the items you give to Delvin also cause things to spawn in, effectively causing the main quest to also upgrade the thieves guild. *you just have to make sure you pick up the items* This still needs to be expanded on as well)

TheTruhvanor for inspiration on using the well as an exit for the flagon.


First and foremost Credit goes to TheMadTemplar without his initial work and posting of his mod (which this has expanded from) I would have never open up the creation kit and worked on this mod, or any others. Thank you Templar.

Additional Credits 
Harvey2112 (For General Stores)
Draco1122 (for updating it to SSE)
Outlaw666 (Scoped Bows)
blary - aars
fpi research
stoverjm & blary
Any others that I'm forgetting

To these I want to say thanks for the resource packs that you've added and uploaded for others to use.

***Currently not compatible with opulent thieves guild, will make patch if Sokkvabekk gives permissions.***

Update 2.6.3
Been Getting Complaints about incompatibilities.... Don't understand this due to the only changes this makes is in the cistern, the ragged flagon, and a small change outside the wall of riften...  (or so I thought)  Well i wen't digging in SSE EDIT... Found several changed objects and cells, also still had the warehouse files I used From Mighty Nine. So removed all of it. Now I can honestly say the only thing this mod touches in the latest update is the flagon, the Cistern, and the small change outside the wall of Riften. To any other Incompatibilities.... I don't know. Please be sure you are running loot, and if you do run into something that seems to be caused by this mod, if you can offer more information like load order, what you were doing, where you were and such; that would be great. I'f sorry If i do not have time to make a compatibility patch for every mod you like. Unfortunately it's just not in the cards.... Honestly, unless the mod changes these to cells, i do not see how it could be incompatible.    

Dreamer Don

Update 2.6.2
Reworked Navmesh, Now no islands in the file. Navmesh is also now set to the default Skyrim Form ID
so there should no longer be any issues
SSEEdit does show 4 deleted navmeshes, but these can be ignored as they are simply the remnants 
of the combined navmesh islands. (I think)
Made sure that new bow mesh and texture was working correctly, As you can see from the new screen
shots there are no issues.
(I have a profile on vortex that pulls all loose files out of the data folder and forces the game to play with
just the bsa to make sure that there are no issues with it.)

2.6.2 is probably gonna be the last update for a few. Going start working on a new project and
it's going to have my attention for a while. I am planning on uploading a non general stores
version. I'll probably start work on it this weekend, time permitting.

Just posted update 2.6.1
Minor Changes in this update, Made a custom mesh for the custom weapon found in the Guild master's bedroom.
Changed on model to static that should have been static in the first place. 

Just posted update 2.5.1
Masssive Changes to Guild hall areas.
Massive Changes to guildmaster bedroom area.
added guildmaster crafting room on new seperate bedroom
made a couple minor changes, added more paintings with custom textures,
Increased Immersion
Playtested made sure all textures and meshes were working through bsa files alone. (no issues detected)

Just posted update 2.2.1
Created stand alone enchantable blackguard armor for display area.
Set all mannequins on bases with unconnected navmesh island, should
deter mannequin bugs.
added weapon rack displays for all display cases
made a couple minor changes, added a painting,
uploaded separate SSE_TGHQO2dot2  - Textures.bsa
Playtested made sure all textures and meshes were working through bsa
files alone. (no issues detected)