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Compatibility patch to allow The Great City of Solitude, Redbag's Solitude, and Open Cities to work in harmony. Now with a Legacy of the Dragonborn patch!

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Compatibility patch to allow The Great City of Solitude, RedBag's Solitude, and Open Cities to work in harmony.

I've tried to polish some of the rough edges I found in the mods without taking too many liberties.

The Great City of Solitude had a bug with the thieves guild quest chest, I've relocated it.

Make sure you have the original mods linked above, install my patch using MO2, and sort with LOOT.

Do not use any other Open Cities patches for these mods, this patch is all that you need.

-Legacy of the Dragonborn is now compatible using the patch on the files tab! Requires the official Open Cities + LOTD patch.

-Missives has a patch on the files tab, moves the board to a better place.

-Tamriel Master Lights is compatible with patch on the downloads page.

-The Lucky Skeever of Solitude is compatible using this Open Cities patch.

-Should be compatible with any patch used for The Great City of Solitude.

-Dawn of Skyrim needs a patch.

Thanks to:
soldierofwar and RedBag for their mods
Arthmoor for Open Cities
KhrysINXS for help and input, and their work at Modular PatchXPress which has been included in this
Domenicus7 for testing and input
wSkeever for the name
AshenShugarII for making me a utility mod after I whined
Brainblasted for testing, and contributing patches
sirjesto for various things
everyone at the r/skyrimmods Discord for being danged great