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An almost one-click LOD generator for Skyrim Special Edition

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Trees LOD and Objects LOD generator for Skyrim Special Edition

Installed a mod that moves or changes trees but they remain unchanged when far way, or you can't see new farm houses from a new shiney villages overhaul when a top of the mountain? Then you need this tool.

Please read the TES5LODGen description as this tool is essentially the same one and LOD system hasn't changed much in SSE apart from Large References grid system.

Large References

SSE added a separate Large References grid which allows to load full meshes outside of uGridsToLoad value, you can change it's size in the game launcher Options. SSELODGen fully supports that feature, however it requires large references information to exist in a plugin before generating LOD. As of now it works only for master files (plugins with ESM flag), also Creation Kit doesn't have an option to create this information. Vanilla files including DLCs already have it, however If you are developting a new worldspace mod or creating master ESM plugin that modifies large objects (larger than 512 game units by default) in vanilla worldspaces, download the latest SSEEDit and use script "Skyrim SE - Generate Large References". Large references information is stored in RNAM subrecords of WRLD per worldspace with LOD.