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About this mod

An overhaul of Stalhrim that preserves the vanilla colour palette, minimises the neon lighting effect in bright sun and adds a subtle, glacier style parallax effect to stalhrim armors, weapons and clutter to make it look and feel a bit more like real ice.

Permissions and credits
Why overhaul Stalhrim?

Stalhrim has long been my favourite armor set in Skyrim, and for too long have I suffered the mismatched textures and neon glow of the originals. This mod is my way of fixing stalhrim for myself and I thought to share it with the modding community. It never hurts to have more choices, after all.

What does this mod do?

  • Preserves the general vanilla colour and feel of the armors and weapons.
  • Reduces the insanely bright glare that shines from the armors (see images for a before and after)
  • Adds an ice like parallax effect to all stalhrim meshes. (see the video for a quick preview)
  • Makes weapons match the armor more closely.
  • Edits the shield to make it look like it is actually made of the same material as the rest of the equipment.
  • Makes colouration consistent across equipment to make mixing and matching sets a little more forgiving on the eyes.
  • Has additional patches that apply this effect to stalhrim items from other mods for the sake of consistency.
  • ESP-less and can be installed/uninstalled at will.

What doesn't this mod do?

This mod does not provide increased resolution textures and is based on the vanilla textures with some editing. Anyone is free to take the textures here and upscale them, if they really want to. Now includes 4k optional textures, upscaled and provided by IconicDeath.

Change any stats/loot etc, since there are no plugins.

Optional Addons

If you have any requests for other mods that add stalhrim items and/or equipment, with the exception of skimpy outfits, then let me know and I will take a look.


Other mods that edit stalhrim meshes and textures will likely conflict with this mod, simply load this mod after any other armor overhauls to benefit from this mod's effects.


Edhelsereg - for Konahrik's Accoutrements.
Icecreamassassin - for Legacy of the Dragonborn and permission to use the meshes in the Legacy addon.
IconicDeath - for upscaling the original textures and providing them for use.
jg1 - for Believable Weapons.
lautasantenni - for the meshes from Stalhrim Extra Crafting, and ElysianMods for porting to SE
LeanWolf - for the meshes used to make the Better Shaped Weapons addon.
NickaNack - for Animated Armoury
PrivateEye - for Heavy Armory and Royal Armory
takozawa - for Fulcimentum