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This mod adds "Noble" versions of several armors found through out Skyrim. Noble armors sport a Yarl's fur colar and so look quite fancy,
but also provide some protection against Skyrim's cold climate.

Permissions and credits
They can be crafted at any forge, given that you have a cuirass of you choice and the required pelts and hides.
You will be able to craft a noble cuirass only if you have a cuirass of your choice with you, if not the option for crafting it will not show up at the forge.
Note that not every armor got included, only those which were deemed senseable got a noble version.

Included armors:
- Studded Cuirass
- Leather Cuirass
- Scaled Cuirasses
- Iron Cuirasses
- Steel Cuirasses
- Steel Plate Cuirass
- Orcish Cuirass
- Blades Cuirass
- Companions Cuirass
- Ebony Cuirass
- Elven Cuirasses
- Glass Cuirass
- Dragonplate Cuirass
- Dragonscale Cuirass
- Dawnguard Cuirasses
- Nordic Carved Cuirass
- Stalhrim Cuirasses

Special Armors that are also inlcuded
- Ebony Mail
- Deathbrand Cuirass

The noble armors are also integrated into the leveled list and so you can find some of them in loot or get them as a reward.
Even some characters will wear a noble cuirass.

All assets for this mod were created by me. Feel free to use them!