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This is my try to implement a Heavy Stalhrim Shield Variant into the Game.

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LE Port by: turtlegodking


This is my try to implement a Heavy Stalhrim Shield Variant into the Game. The Shield is mostly a Deformed Variant of the Normal Shield. I got a bit
inspired by the Ice Shield from Morrowind, with a big touch of the Shield already existing.

There are 3 Variants, The Normal Shield, a Variant with Refraction and one with Transparency.
The Refracting and Transparent Variants does not contain any Textures or anything else, only models.
If you want to use them, you will need a modification like "Refracting Stalhrim Armours and Weapons", which will give you Transparent Textures.

I am integrating the Shield into the Levelled Lists as well, I modified everything that needed to be edited and threw out the Light Variant out
of the Heavy Armour Levelled lists.
The Shield comes with the Basic Enchantments as well.
The stats are the Same as the Dragonplate shield, like the rest of the Heavy Stalrhim Armour.
The Shield can be Crafted and Improved.

I would recommend installing this mod with a Mod Manager that can Handle FOMOD files. (e.g. MO2)
Just put it in your Load order, you can use LOOT to sort your load order.
It will work on existing saves!
It should be safe to uninstall this mod, but I do not actually give any guarantee for it.

I am touching some Levelled Lists, you can patch them Manually with xEdit, only 6 Lists Touched.
Else, this mod is compatible with everything else.
This mod comes for German and English Language.
The ESP is flagged as an ESL.

A Patch for "Stalhrim Refrozen" is included in the Main File.

If you find some of them, please do not keep them for yourself, let me know of their existence too.