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A vanilla-friendly lich overhaul for Undeath with extensive bugfixes. Classical Lichdom is a comprehensive but unobtrusive lich mod - and a necessary requirement for a bug-free Undeath experience.

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Undeath Classical Lichdom 
Classical Lichdom is an expansion for Undeath that fixes multiple serious bugs and issues with the mod, while also offering a comprehensive but unobtrusive overhaul of the lich experience. It is a third-party update that seeks to provide the definitive Undeath experience.

The Cause dlc is required only for the optional ayleid lich patch.


  • Extensive bug fixes and improvements to Undeath 
  • Traditional DnD-esque Immortality - as a lich, resurrect at your phylactery when you die.
  • Cast any spell in lich form.
  • Lich abilities and spells reworked
  • Simple, streamlined progression system for liches
  • Seamless gameplay between lich and human form.
  • Customize your lich form
  • Bloat-free and consistent with the vanilla game, no weird or intrusive features

True Immortality - Death Alternative For Liches

Undeath's Dark Resurgence ability has been reworked and simplified, granting functional immortality once the player attains lichdom. When you die as a lich, you resurrect at your phylactery.

Lich Form Improvements - Access Spell Menu in Lich Form

You are no longer limited to a selection of 6 predetermined spells. Access the full spell menu in lich form by pressing your sneak key (default CTRL) to utilize your full arsenal of spells and decide your own playstyle. Spell change animation has also been sped up. Bound spells do not work in lich form because the dragon priest animations dont support them.

Favorites menu is accessible in lich form, although weapons remain unusable in the form. Keybind for favorites menu is set in mcm.
Pressing C in lich form allows you to reequip your staff, reequip death grip, or toggle between the two. (Key bindings customizable in mcm)
Lich form is now able to jump.

The Path Of Lichdom
Undeath abilities and passives have been entirely reworked. A lich has limitless magical horizons, but power comes at a price: while liches are spellcasters of unparalleled aptitude, they suffer the detrimental effects of being undead. After attaining lichdom, you receive the following abilities.


Simple Phylactery Progression System

Classical Lichdom offers an intuitive progression system. Activate your phylactery to absorb filled black soul gems and empower your lich. Souls will unlock new abilities and incrementally improve existing abilities. You may feed up to 50 souls into your phylactery.

Lich Form Customization

Once you unlock 25 souls, you may change the appearance of your lich at your phylactery. Customize the color of your lich, become a ghostly nether lich, or assume the form of a dragon priest or an Ayleid lich. 'The Cause' DLC from Anniversary Edition/Creation Club is required to take on an Ayleid lich form.  

Undeath Fixes and Improvements

Classical Lichdom fixes multiple gamebreaking issues in the Undeath mod, and also provides a few quality of life improvements for a more polished experience of the questline. 



SKSE64 is required.

A clean save without undeath installed is recommended for installing versions 3.0+ of this mod, due to rewrite of undeath quest scripts. If you want to install this on an old save, clean your save with FallrimTools afterwards. Versions above 3.0 are entirely save-compatible with one another. Do not install this on savegames where you have used Immersive Lichdom or Undeath-The Ascension.

If you have "The Cause" Creation, download the optional patch to unlock an ayleid lich form. Do not delete or rename the dummy esp file because the plugin name is used as a check in the mod scripts - its esl tagged so it doesnt take up a plugin slot anyways. 

The Undeath Cleaner xedit script attached in optional downloads is a soft requirement. While is not required for this mod to function as intended, it is still highly recommended that you clean the base Undeath.esp with the script as Undeath's wild edits can create compatibility issues with other mods. 
To run the script, install the undeath cleaner script to your SSEEdit directory, placing the script in the 'Edit Scripts' folder. Load undeath.esp in SSEEdit, then click apply script on the Undeath.esp and select Hishy UndeathCleaner. Save the undeath esp after you run the script.

As the files are packed in a bsa, make sure you do not have any incompatible undeath plugin such as Immersive Lichdom or Ascension. 

Undeath and this mod should be loaded as high up in your load order as possible. Load all perk and spell mods after this mod.


Note: cleaning the undeath esp (with the attached script in optional files) is HEAVILY recommended, as it circumvents most compatibility issues with undeath.


Recommended Mods

Undeath XMPSSE Strange Runes Patch - Universal skeleton.nif patch. The skeleton is universally compatible and can be installed even if you dont have the mods it patches for.
Dragon Priest Fix Behaviour Overhaul - Improves spellcasting behaviour in lichform and enables sprinting. Fixes invisible staff idle.
Enhanced Reanimation - Fixes engine-level bugs with vanilla reanimation. Partial fix for 'moonwalking' when you reanimate a previously ragdolled npc.
PO3 Tweaks - universal fix for conjuration spells being affected by spell absorption.
True Directional Movement - 360 movement for lich (projectile lockon is also a workaround for lich crosshair being inaccurate at the moment, which im trying to fix)
Strange Runes - eye candy
ENB Light Effect Shaders - eye candy
ENB Light for Undead Creatures - more eye candy, lich eyes glow with enb particle light.
Skeleton Replacer HD - Remesh and retexture for skeletal lich.