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This mod makes Undeaths skeleton compatible with XPMSSE and Strange Runes while still having access to all its new bones and nodes

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What this mod does
Patches the skeleton from XPMSSE to work with Undeath and Strange Runes
Without this patch the camera and the runes will end up in the ground.

Recommended mods
Undeath - Classical Lichdom: Fixes sevaral things from Undeath and greatly enhances what was already there.
Strange Runes: Makes your spellcasting fancier. 

Compatible with everything unless it overwrites the dragon priest skeleton
Meshes/Actors/dragonpriest/character assets/skeleton.nif

1. Download and install using your preferred mod manager
2. Make sure to load Undeath and/or Strange Runes after XPMSSE
3. Let this patch overwrite what it wants

Antioch08:  For Undeath
Linnsanity:  For Undeath - Classical Lichdom
powerofthree: For Strange  Runes 
Groovtama: For XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE