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This is just a small set of patches that I have made for mods that I really enjoy. I am posting them for others to use and for easy of access if my files ever get lost. I hope that these patches make things easier for others who use the same mod combinations.

Permissions and credits
I am posting these patches for use by others who would like to use them and as well as for myself. I will be adding more patches to this page as I finish them and gain the proper permissions. Please let me know if there are any problems or bugs so that I can fix and upload a better patch. If there are some patches that anyone needs help with just let me know, I will be happy to help if I am able.



  • Technicolor Alchemy Overhaul - Unique Alchemy Plants for Skyrim SE and Wiseman303's Flora Fixes Revamped
This adds the flora fix to the flora and trees that is added by Technicolor Alchemy Overhaul. Requires Technicolor Alchemy and Wiseman303's Flora Fixes Revamped. ESL flagged.

  • Technicolor Alchemy Overhaul - Unique Alchemy Plants for Skyrim SE and More Growable Plants SE
This combines the flora and Tree IDs to the flPlanterPlantedFlora and flPlantableItem lists, so that both mods are able to be planted and grown. I have tested this and everything that I have planted has grown as it should. Requires Technicolor Alchemy and More Growable Plants SE. ESL flagged.

  • Birthstones of Tamriel and Skyrim: Reborn Whiterun Hold 
This patch moves the Shadow Birthstone that is near the Stormcloak Camp in Whiterun Hold. It only requires Birthstones of Tamriel SE, but was created with Skyrim Reborn: Whiterun Hold, by mnikjom, in mind (or maybe another mod that extends the Stormcloak Camp in that area). ESL Flagged.

  •  Immersive Laundry and Guild City of Theives
This patch moves some of the laundry items around so that they are not clipping into the new layout of Riften. It also adds three new lines for The Scorched Hammer, Elgrim's Exlixers and the Pawned Prawn. They are placed out of the way and hasn't been interfering with the NPCs. It only requires Immersive Laundry, but was created around Guild City of Thieves, by Nesbit098 ESL Flagged. I am not sure how it would work for other Riften overhauls as I only ever used JK's and recently City of Thieves.

  • The Notice Board and Guild City of Theives
This patch moves the non-quest notes boards so that it is not partially covered by the new layout in Riften. It moves the board to the other side of the doorway of the Bee and Bard. There is an idle marker there that I moved over to where the Notes Board used to be (so NPCs are not just leaning against the board). I also moved the marker, that allows the mercenaries to interact with the Notice Board, to be in front of the Quest Board so they are not just interacting with a wall. It only requires The Notice Board and can be used with any LO, however I made this to go with the Guild City of Thieves mod by Nesbit098. ESL Flagged.
NOTE: the patch will require a new save or at least a save that has not loaded the Riften City Worldspace. Once the city is loaded the notes board will be placed and will not move after adding the patch, or removing the patch (it stays in the location that I have placed it, instead of moving to the original position). I thought that it may be because of the persistent flag, but even after removing the flag in the patch and the original esp (on a new save), it still will not move once loaded. If anyone can help with that I would be grateful and will fix this and upload again.

  • Convenient Horses SE
This is actually going to be three different patches depending on the other mods that you use. There is a patch for Technicolor Alchemy and More Growable Plants SE individually and then one with both mods together. These patches add the ingredients and items from More Growable Plants and Technicolor Alchemy into the Convenient Horses Form ID lists for CHHarvestableList, CHFullHarvestableList, ChItemMaterialAlchemyList, CHMaterialCookingList and the CHSpellTomeList. This will allow for the ingredients and items to be harvested while mounted and also to be sorted with the Convenient Horses saddlebag system. Each patch is ESL flagged.  If there are any problems then please let me know.

  • Nordic Cooking and Immersive Needs
This patch adds the keywords that Immersive Needs uses to the food/drink items that Nordic Cooking adds. It allows you to keep control of your thirst, hunger, scurvy and anemia from eating/drinking the different foods/drinks from Nordic Cooking. I  also added the weak drunk effects to the cider, ale and wine that you can cook with Nordic Cooking. ESL Flagged.

  • More Immersive Needs Patches
This is going to be three different patches. One for Gourmet Gourds SSE, one for Chaurus Egg Cooking SSE and one for Mushroom Soups SSE. These patches put the keywords that Immersive Needs uses onto the new food items so that they will work for satisfying hunger, thirst and managing your balanced diet. I also put in the keyword VenderItemFood on the food records that were missing it. All three patches are ESL Flagged.

  • Dragon Claw Stands and Simple Home Improvements All in One
This patch moves a few Dragonclaw Stands in Honeyside and Proudspire so that they are not floating in the air with Simple Player Home Improvements (Proudspire 2 beds) active. It also requires Simple Player Home Improvements as I moved a lockbox in Honeyside just a tad to the left in order for a stand to sit completely on the table without clipping. ESL Flagged.

  • Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim-City Edition Merged and The People of Skyrim 2
This is a set of three patches that move the entrance to the Markarth Hideout. The landscape done by Nesbit098 placed a graveyard and flatted the area out so that the entrance way for the hideout was floating in the air. I disable a few items: rock, cave entrance, black panel, and a couple of shrubs and moved the map marker and rubblepile door down to meet the new landscape. I did this with the three different versions of the merged options, standard, no map markers and deep immersion. The patches only require Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim-Citites Edition Merged, but were created to work with The People of Skyrim 2 by Nesbit098, All three of the patches are ESL Flagged.

  • Dragonborn and Skyrim Food Expanded and Immersive Needs patches
These are going to be a group of patches that allows the new food items created by baudelairienne in the mods Dragonborn Food Expanded and Skyrim Food Expanded to be used with Immersive Needs. It adds the keywords that Immersive Needs uses to manage your thirst, hunger and varied diet. I also added the keyword VendorItemFood to the new items that were missing it. Each patch is ESL Flagged and there is a patch for the ESP Part 1, ESL Part 1 and Part 2 ESL English versions of Skryim Food Expanded and the English Version of Dragonborn Food Expanded. 7Dec2020: Added patch for Part 3 Meals_ESL English version.

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  • Bethesda for making Skyrim and allowing it to be modded.

  • Technicolor Alchemy Overhaul
mobiusbelmont for the original file of Technicolor Alchemy Overhaul on Skyim LE
DarShonDo for the conversion and upload of Technicolor Alchemy Overhaul to Special Edition

  • More Growable Plants SE
NumberLand for the original file of More Plants and Recipes for Hearthfire on Skyrim Classic
Dracula420 for the conversion and upload of More Growable Plants for Special Edition

  • Wiseman's Flora Fixes Revamped
Wiseman303 for the original file of Wiseman303's Flora Fixes
MrNeverLost for the rework and upload of Wiseman303's Flora Fixes-Revamped on Special Edition

  • Birthstones of Tamriel SE
Dar'ShonDo for creating Birthstones of Tamriel SE

  • Immersive Laundry
nerdofprey for Immersive Laundry SE
InsanitySorrow for the original assets used to create Immersive Laundry

  • The Notice Board SE
mannygt for The Notice Board SE

  • Convenient Horses SE
mitchalek for Convenient Horses SE

  • Nordic Cooking
 AngryGlock for Nordic Cooking

  • Immersive Needs
Edmond Noir For Immersive Needs for the Conscientious Modder

  • Gourmet Gourds SSE
Fiskin1 For the SSE port of Gourmet Gourds
Jokerine for the Original Gourmet Gourds

  • Chaurus Egg Cooking SSE
Fiskin1 for the SSE port of Chaurus Egg Cooking
Jokerine for the Original Chaurus Egg Cooking

  • Mushroom Soups SSE
Fiskin1 for the SSE port of Mushroom Soups
Jokerine for the Original Mushroom Soups

  • Dragon Claw Stands 
Arthmoor and the AFK Team for Dragon Claw Stands

  • Simple Player Home Improvements (AIO)
Featherstone for Simple Player Home Improvements

  • Hidden Hideout of Skyrim City Edition SSE
lesi123 for Creating Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim City Edition for SSE

  • Dragonborn Food Expanded
Baudelairienne for creating Dragonborn Food Expanded

  • Skyrim Food Expanded
Baudelairienne for creating Skyrim Food Expanded