Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Collection of all my replacers for the base game, which have been released before September 2023. It includes 45 mods and covers hundreds of items. Comes with a FOMOD or my personal cut.

Permissions and credits

 Special thanks to all my Patrons and supporters, you are awesome! 

This is the collection of all my replacers for the base game (the mods for the Solstheim DLC are linked further down).
It includes 45 mods, which I have created since 2018. It was a lot of fun making all these things, so thanks for the
feedback and all the support from you guys :D

Thousands of hours of work went into this project and it covers hundreds of various items, clutter, plants, creatures,
environmental elements and architecture in game with hi res textures (mostly between 1K and 4K) and many new meshes.
Most mods come with multiple variants, colors, resolutions and patches, so I added a FOMOD installer with all options
(It includes over 2000 files).

Otherwise, if you don´t want to go through the FOMOD, simply grab Rally's Cut to have the versions I like best and
which were intended to be the default replacer - be aware that i only included the highest available resolution of each mod.

The Cut is supposed to be VanillaPlus so it won´t have all the bells and whistles of the single mods, like ENB Light, BOS or patches for other mods (e.g. ENB Light Smelter, Sparkling ENB Light Torchbugs etc.)

You need to get those on the individual mod pages or switch to the FOMOD of this mod.
I chose to make it this way for convenince reasons and compatibility.

>Here´s a list with all versions included in my Cut<

!! All mods released after september 2023 are not included in this AIO !!

These are the mods included in this collection:

My other mods, not included in this AIO can be found here

Since the installer has over 45 pages now and file size got pretty big, NO other mods will be added to this AIO.
We all know the trouble with Nexus and filesize ;) 


The FOMOD installer includes all options, resolutions, variants and patches of the different mods. Choose to your liking.
Install with your preferred mod manager.

uninstall with your mod manager

Since this mod includes many UV tweaked meshes and custom textures you have to load it after conflicting mods.
I´ve included patches for various mods. In case of a conflict, just overwrite when prompted.

Special thanks to StoneSpiralGaming for the help with testing


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