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This is the collection of all my smaller standalone texture replacers. It includes 32 mods, coming with an FOMOD and my personal cut.

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This is the collection of all my smaller standalone texture replacers. It includes 32 mods, I have created since starting to use Photoshop for the first time in 2018. It was a lot of fun creating all these things, so thanks for the feedback
and all the support from you guys :D

It replaces various items, clutter, plants, creatures, environmental elements and architecture in game with hi res textures (mostly between 1K and 4K). Most mods come with multiple variants, resolutions and patches, so I added
a FOMOD installer with all options.

Otherwise, if you are daring, or don´t want to go through the FOMOD, simply grab Rally's Cut to have the versions I like best and which were intended to be the default replacer - be aware that i only included the highest available resolution of each mod

These are the mods included in this collection:

  1. Rally's Ants
  2. Rally's Blackreach Mushrooms (also includes Glowing Mushrooms)
  3. Rally's Brooms 
  4. Rally's Candle Flames
  5. Rally's City Roofs
  6. Rally's Dark Brotherhood Clutter
  7. Rally's Dark Elf Furniture
  8. Rally's Drawknife
  9. Rally's Farming Tools
  10. Rally's Fishing Poles
  11. Rally's Glowing Mushrooms (included in Blackreach Mushrooms)
  12. Rally's Gold Coin
  13. Rally's Hanging Moss
  14. Rally's Highland Cows and Cowhide
  15. Rally's Hooks and Saws
  16. Rally's Honey Pot
  17. Rally's Instruments
  18. Rally's Jurgen Windcaller Tomb
  19. Rally's Lava
  20. Rally's Manhole of Solitude
  21. Rally's Nightingale Clutter
  22. Rally's Pillows
  23. Rally's Ragged Flagon Sign
  24. Rally's Road Signs 
  25. Rally's Quill and Inkwell
  26. Rally's Skeleton Key
  27. Rally's Solstheim Scathecraw
  28. Rally's Temple of Kynareth Mosaic
  29. Rally's Vampire Coffins
  30. Rally's Wall of Kings
  31. Rally's Water Foam
  32. Rally's Werewolf Totems

My other mods, not included in this AIO can be found here

Since the installer has 32 pages now and file size got pretty big, no other mods will be added to this AIO. We all know the trouble with Nexus ;) 
But it will of course receive updates, if one of the included mods will be updated. For future mods there will probably be a second collection later on. 


The FOMOD installer includes all options, resolutions, variants and patches of the different mods. Choose to your liking. Install with your preferred mod manager.


uninstall with your mod manager


These textures should be compatible with everything. I´ve included patches for various mods. In case of a conflict, just overwrite when prompted.

   Also check my other mods