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My own view of Breezehome - very close to the vanilla design, with some small tweak.

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There's no lack of Breezehome mods, I know, and yet I had to make my own. I designed it for my personal use first and foremost, but why not share it with the community just in case anyone likes it? So here you are - a few subtle edits to the vanilla home, that keep close to the original feel of Breezehome as a simple starter home.

What I edited: 

- All beds have been changed from Common to Upperclass - still rather simple, but it doesn't involve hay
- When you buy the children's bed, the Alchemy bench is moved upstairs - it's a perfectly fine crafting bench, why would you throw it away?
- Oven, butter churn and mead barrel from Hearthfire have been added to the kitchen
- A few containers have been added 
- Upstairs you'll find a small cot, so you can have a guest without kicking out Lydia

All changes have been included in the vanilla upgrades, so you have to buy all decorations like normal. 

NB: the mod is asset-free. If the pictures look different from vanilla is because of other mods I'm using, that is to say Noble Skyrim, all Gamwich textures, pillows from ElSopa Small Compilation Pack, Luminosity and Embers HD.
Compatible with everything except other Breezehome overhauls.
Tested and confirmed compatible with:
Moon and Star (it adds a spawn point to all vanilla houses so it's incompatible with some overhauls, but it works well with this)
Alternate Start (you spawn inside the master bedroom, that I haven't edited significantly)
- Simple Breezehome Enchanting Table (I wanted to keep my Breezehome very basic, but you can add this mod if you are tired of walking all the way up to Dragonsreach).

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