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Adds a same-cell attic to hearthfire houses.

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A port of Saieden's mod for Oldrim.

QUOTE: "This mod adds a same-cell attic to the main hall of the hearthfire houses. You can access the attic via a ladder on the 2nd story next to the mannequin. The attics consists of one long hall and two smaller bedrooms, each with 2 beds, dresser, and varying clutter in each house."

More useful info from the LE page: "This mod will work best if you have not yet furnished the main hall, but if you have you need only open the console and disable the few items that clash : small table by mannequin, horker head at same, and the 2 bedroom and main room chandeliers THAT YOU CAN SEE IN THE ATTIC (don't worry about losing the lights, I placed new ones that are not blocking and are not added by the workbench)"

Now updated, cleaned and merged by FuryoftheStars (TY!)