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Skyrim is cold. Why doesn't anyone use a blanket while sleeping? Or you know, get inside their bedroll?! This mod aims to fix this, with support for both NPCs and the player.

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Features and FYIs:

- NPC Support: NPCs will now use a blanket when sleeping, with different support for different types of beds. They will no longer be sleeping on top of the bedroll like complete dimwits. FINALLY.

- Player Support: If using Go To Bed, player can also cover themselves with a blanket. As of 2.0, this works automatically upon you lying down on a bed.

- No performance hit: There are no cloak spells, looping scripts, or anything like that in the mod. Just a spell that is only active when NPCs are sleeping. 

- Requirements: Spell Perk Item Distributor (SPID) and its requirements (duh)

- Recommended: Sleeping Expanded (For NPC Reactions + Sleeping Animations) and Go To Bed (To see the player character sleep). 

- The catch: The meshes used to be ugly. Now they're pretty thanks to the wonderful PaganoWagano. So that's no longer a catch! I guess the catch now could be that if you have a extremely bulky armor, a crazy skirt, a character as big as a door... or a very thicc posterior, perhaps the blankets might clip a little. Currently there are two different blankets for each bed that gets chosen automatically based on your armor: big (heavy armor) and thin blankets (light armor/naked). I might eventually look at making XXL blankets if needed, but the current ones should suffice for now.

〜Andrew, Ares, Macpherb, Red Nick, Vesku〜
& everyone who is supporting me on Patreon or via other means
Thank you! Your support means a lot!

- Jay, these meshes are bad, and you should feel bad. Shame on you and your cow!
Shut your fus-ro-hole! The new blankets in 2.0 are BEAUTIFUL.

- I use custom animations for my sleeping positions, and the blankets are not matching my position. Help!
Mod was made with the vanilla-like animations of Sleeping Expanded in mind. Obviously, vanilla animations will work too. If you have something else for your sleeping animations, it might or not look good.

- How does this work? Does this affect performance?
It shouldn't affect performance at all. How it works: SPID distributes a spell to suitable NPCs. The spell is only active when a NPC goes to sleep, activated via a native condition check. Once the NPC starts sleeping, mod spawns the corresponding blanket and also despawns it after the NPC wakes up. What this means is you can sleep easy (and under a blanket) knowing that the mod doesn't include a cloak spell or similar methods.

- While wearing a certain armor or using custom body scales, I can see some clipping through the blanket! How comes?
There are currently two sizes for all blankets (Bulky / Thin blankets). I might consider making XXL and S blankets down the line, but for now please take as it is.

- Any big incompatibilities? Will it work with Campire bedrolls? Or custom beds?
No big incompatibilities, CTDs, or anything like that. No vanilla records have been edited. Worst case scenario: the blanket won't spawn if the mod doesn't recognize the bed. Campfire has a patch so you can chill in your tent inside your bedroll. If you're using a mod that changes the location of the player on the bed, a patch will be required or there might be clipping.

- I need MOAR mods!
Feel free to check a quick summary of my mods these past 2 years! Take a peek and you might walk out with a couple new mods for your insatiable mod addiction perfectly normal hobby.