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Simple, asset-free mod for Hjerim

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My own tweaks to Hjerim. It stays close to the vanilla design, with a few extra touches.

What I edited:
- Oven and butter churn added to the kitchen
- Better bed for the housecarl
- A follower bed has been added to the armory (it's bought together with the main bedroom)
- A few more carpets and pelt to make the place a bit warmer
- Some storage sack added to the lab (I didn't edit the vanilla shelves since that room is, well, unique)

Compatible with everything except other Hjerim overhauls. It does not interfere with the Blood on Ice quest or the acquisition of the house.
Tested and confirmed compatible with:
- Hjerim after Blood on Ice
- Blood on Ice Redux 
- Moon and Star (it adds a spawn point to all vanilla houses so it's incompatible with some overhauls, but it works well with this)
- Hearthfire Extended (it adds a brewing barrel to the kitchen)
Alternate Start (you spawn inside the master bedroom, that I haven't edited significantly)

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